Online inaugural meeting


Project docking meeting


Project docking meeting


ABGA Singapore offline kickoff Ceremony


Project docking meeting


Project docking meeting

 April-June  ABGA NFT Fans Card Program

ABGA issued 2048 Fans cards NFT in the first session to establish ABGA’s Characteristic community culture. Users who hold the first session ABGA FANS CARDS can get airdrops from four ABGA members within a certain period after minting. ABGA NFT card holders have many exclusive rights, and you will continue to receive airdrops or other rewards in the future.



Project docking meeting & Member introduction meeting



Project docking meeting


Project docking meeting


Member  introduction meeting


Project docking meeting

 July-September  Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022

ABGA will launch a hackathon event of gamefi / NFT / metaverse track from July to September with the cooperation of Klaytn and Dorahack. Our hackathon aims to explore high-quality gamefi / NFT / metaverse development and creative teams and give ABGA ecological support.


September 26th Hackathon Award Ceremony

September 27th Singapore Offline Summit—— Blockchain Gaming 2022

Blockchain Gaming 2022 is a gathering of the blockchain and gaming

industry's Pioneers.It fuses the fastest-growing field in the web3 sector

under one event. With Blockchain Gaming 2022, you will uncover

untapped potential of the Gaming, NFTs, and Metaverse world.

 October-December  Gaming Competition 

Choose the suitable gamefi project for ABGA gaming competition from the popular blockchain game and ABGA Hackathon awards. Invite and attract gamefi players, traditional players and college students' game associations to participate through bonus incentives to build a bridge between gamefi and traditional game players. We believe this will be a milestone in the development path of gamefi.



 December  Annual Award Ceremony  

#1000 person scale # Singapore offline # large award ceremony. Through voting, data collection, professional jury selection and other methods, ABGA will set many awards such as the best game of 2022, the best NFT of the year, the most popular metaverse etc. It will be a feast for new world players.