Blockchain Gaming 2022 is a gathering of the blockchain and tech industry's most established companies and representatives. The Blockchain Gaming 2022 conference fuses the fastest-growing industries in the technology sector under one event. As is known to us, blockchain tech is synonymous primarily with Finance Technology. Blockchain Gaming 2022 aims to address other potential monetization avenues and implementations by utilizing its technical prowess. With Blockchain Gaming 2022, the blockchain will uncover untapped potential outside the world of Gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse.


Get valuable insights into how blockchain technology has become the core of some of Asia's leading companies in these fields.

Welcome to Blockchain Gaming 2022 

If you're an investor looking to widen your portfolio, Blockchain Gaming 2022 is the place to be. With our vast range of portfolios focusing on next-generation technology, you might spot the next"unicorn" company.

Investment Opportunities

Corporate Institutions should visit our conference to learn how blockchain technology transforms traditional gaming worldwide, and available more cooperation opportunities.

Corporate Relationships

Have a question about the future developments in tech? Unsure of what the Metaverse and NFTs are? Visit us to have valuable insights into the next technological evolution.

Public Curiosity

You got a chance to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs in the tech world. Partnerships are essential for all businesses to break down the social barriers between traditional games and Web3 games.

Networking & Partnerships

Broaden your horizons with our talks by esteemed speakers from the blockchain and gaming industry. With topics ranging from case studies to revolutionary insights into a whole new universe with endless boundaries.

Keynote Speakers

  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Exhibition

    Optimal brand exposure

  • Speech & Panel



    Talks by esteemed speakers from the blockchain and gaming industry. 

  • After Party

    Crazy night

  • ABGA&Klaytn

    Blockchain Gaming Hackathon Demo Day