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Riding the wind and waves, together sometimes I VC MEETUP Hong Kong Night on April 13th

In 2023, in the fiery and rapid development wave of the WEB3 industry, we have always believed in the power of perseverance and reunion.

At 19:00 on April 13, NOVA, ABGA, and PreIN will jointly hold the first “Hong Kong VC MEETUP” at the Emperor Grand View Banquet Center in Wanchai, Hong Kong. Top investment institutions and well-known project founders in the WEB3 field will be invited to participate. Previously, NOVA and ABGA have successfully held several global industry summits in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Singapore and other cities, providing close communication opportunities for top geeks and crypto investors from all over the world.

This Hong Kong VC MEETUP event gathered many top investment institutions and well-known project founders in the WEB3 field , including global blockchain investment institutions Bisheng Capital, IBG, Chain Capital, Waterdrop Capital, WEB3VISION, Consensus Lab, CRC, 1024 Capital More than 70, and dozens of high-quality project parties such as OxScope, iPollo, chainge games, lino swap, chainge, etc. They will bring wonderful keynote speeches on the spot, and have in-depth exchanges on the most cutting-edge and hottest topics in the WEB3 field, and exchange insights.

VC MEETUP event details:

Time: 19:00-23:00, April 13, 2023

Location: 25-26/F, The Emperor Hotel, 373Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

Sponsors: NOVA Global, ABGA, PreIN

Title sponsors: DEEPLINK, DeepBrain Chain, HOTCOIN GLOBAL, Umi’s Friends

Co-organizers: Shabak Legend, GreenPower Network , Jasmy

VC MEETUP organizer introduction:

NOVA Global: Nova Global is an investment eco-alliance composed of Founders, a mainstream organization in the blockchain industry, and core Builders in the industry. It aims to unite the resources of alliance members, discover, invest, and incubate more potential and valuable projects. Members of the Nova Global Investment Ecosystem Alliance will jointly build an investment ecosystem, grow together with the project, and work together to promote the positive development of the industry.

ABGA: ABGA is a non-profit alliance organization focused on Web3, especially blockchain games, NFT and Metaverse. ABGA is co-sponsored by leading organizations in the industry to support ABGA-related activities and investments. ABGA has a positive attitude towards the potential of chain games and is taking active measures to promote and facilitate its development. ABGA is committed to sharing knowledge and resources related to Web3 technologies with its members and the wider community.

PreIN: PreIN, a subsidiary of IBG, focuses on the acceleration of investment research in the blockchain field, gathers global ecological resources, and uses Hong Kong, Singapore, and Silicon Valley as geographical bases to help Web3 outstanding start-up teams complete cognitive acceleration, resource acceleration, and capital acceleration. Regulatory license, positioning analysis and reconstruction, economic model optimization, community distribution and marketing, media public relations announcement, project security design and other dimensions, to promote the rapid iterative evolution of the project.

VC MEETUP Title Sponsor Introduction:

DEEPLINK: Singaporean cloud gaming platform DeepLink is the world’s first personal game sharing platform with a remote control tool as the entrance. Its products have technical advantages such as high fluency, high frame rate, low latency, high definition, high stability, and high security. The founding team members are all senior experts in the fields of blockchain, cloud games and artificial intelligence, with more than ten years of industry experience. After more than four years of research and development by the team, the DeepLink product was launched in October last year and has developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 100,000 global users, more than 20,000 daily active users, covering more than 80 countries, and the monthly user growth rate exceeds 20%.

DeepBrain Chain: DeepBrain Chain (DBC) was established in Singapore in 2017. Based on blockchain technology, it builds an infinitely scalable distributed high-performance GPU computing power network and becomes the computing power infrastructure in the era of AI+Metaverse. The main network of DBC computing power will be officially launched in November 2021. DBC core advantages: reduced computing power costs, flexible computing, and nearby computing. Currently, it has been widely used in four scenarios including artificial intelligence training and reasoning, cloud games, cloud Internet cafes, and aleo mining.

HOTCOIN GLOBAL: HOTCOIN GLOBAL was established in November 2017. It is a global one-stop encrypted asset trading platform. It has dual Australian TRAC licenses. Hotcoin Global ranks among the top 30 in the world. It supports spot transactions, contract transactions, fiat currency C2C transactions, Hotcoin Earn, NFT Core business such as trading.

Umi’s Friends: Umi’s Friends (Umi’s Friends) is an easy decompression match-3 game, which allows Web2 users to enter the Web3 world more conveniently in the simplest way. Gamers can create and collect their own Umi (NFT), participate in various modes of games, and win generous rewards. Umi has currently received JRR Crypto’s million dollar seed round financing, and the investment will be used for the long-term construction of the Umi’s Friends ecosystem and the development of the UGP chain game aggregation starter. UGP is a brand-new chain game launcher, which integrates a large number of different types of light games. Users can log in with a unified DID or traditional Internet identity, and can make friends and play together. It is expected to go online in 2024.

VC MEETUP co-organizer introduction :

Shabak Legend: Shabak Legend (Shabak Legend) is an MMORPG GameFi game deployed on the BSC chain. It is based on the big IP of “Legend”. After nearly a year and a half of research and development, it has invested more than 15 million. The integration of various elements such as equity sharing, NFT market, and games provides players with a variety of gameplay such as battles, guilds, and communities, and also provides players with long-term and stable revenue capture opportunities. Shabak Legend has both the charm of legendary IP and the potential of GameFi. It has high player participation, multiple revenue opportunities, complete ecosystem, and excellent game experience. It hopes to connect gamers and developers around the world to create together. An economically prosperous crypto world.

GreenPower Network: GreenPower Network is a Web3 green energy infrastructure, which realizes binding power hardware and tracking power data through green energy digital identities, integrates global green energy business resources, and helps billions of users build the next generation of green energy ecology.

Jasmy: Jasmy is an IoT platform incorporating the latest blockchain technology to securely and efficiently manage data sent from IoT devices. Jasmy also provides services that allow users to securely manage and operate IoT devices, as well as services that allow client companies to grasp the status of IoT devices and manage them centrally. The Jasmy platform aims to regain data sovereignty for everyone so that everyone can use their data safely and securely. To achieve this goal, we combine blockchain and IoT technologies to provide the best platform solutions for global clients, across industries.

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Review requirements: This event is a targeted invitation, and we will determine the participants based on the targeted invitation and the number of applicants through a combination of registration and review.

All investment institutions and high-quality project parties in the WEB3 field are welcome to sign up and look forward to your arrival!