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Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023 concludes perfectly: Top 10 games compete in WGS, Singapore!

On September 11, 2023, the Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023 finals and award ceremony, co-hosted by ABGA, Klaytn, Iskra, and CESS, was successfully held at the Sands Convention Center in Singapore. Since the beginning of the hackathon, over hundred game projects have been fiercely competing, and today, 10 top games presented their outstanding project results, determining the final winner of the competition and receiving a reward of 80K USD, as well as additional support from Google Cloud, Slowmist and other hackathon partners .

The panel of judges consisted of well-known Web3 industry leaders:

  • Uno Lee / VP of Business & Governance/ Klaytn Foundation
  • Jessie Dai/Co-founder & COO/CESS
  • Blue/CTO/SlowMist
  • Min Xue/Partner/Foresight X
  • JT Law/Partner/IVC
  • Aria Zhang/Investment Partner/Zonff Partners
  • Evans Huangfu/Partner & CIO/Arcane Group
  • Kiwi/Head of Research /OKX Ventures
  • Pawn /CTO/NuLink
  • Alex Cooper / Community Manager / Footprint Analytics
  • Bill Byun / CEO/ Encoding Labs
  • Simon Lee / Game Centre Executive Director/ Iskra
  • Junyoung Park / Game Business Director/Iskra

The purpose of this hackathon is to unleash the potential of the gaming industry through blockchain technology, connect Web2 with Web3, stimulate the potential of blockchain games, and promote the continuous and rapid development of the Gaming ecosystem.

In addition to the intense competition, experts from various fields also delivered insightful speeches at the venue and shared their recent strategies for Web3 games.

Mr. Astin Han, Business Manager of the Klaytn ecosystem, stated that Klaytn is committed to supporting Web3 developers and recently launched the Ignite on Klaytn (IOK) program, aiming to support developers and enhance the one-stop solution of the Klaytn ecosystem.

Subsequently, Mr. Ben Colayco, CFO of Iskra, spoke about Iskra’s contribution to the global expansion and local execution of the Web3 gaming market by launching an integrated, end-to-end Web 3 gaming community platform.

Ms. Jessie, Co-founder and COO of CESS, mentioned that CESS, as the first blockchain solution for large-scale commercial storage built for Web3, is currently empowering Web3 games to achieve “digital immortality”, supporting the digital lifespan of Web3 games.

Mr. Eefy Lin, Customer Solution Architect of Google Cloud APAC, revealed that Google Cloud is building a blockchain node engine for the automation of blockchain infrastructure deployment, and is also constructing BigQuery public datasets for multi-chain meta-analysis and real-time unified data ingestion architecture.

Blue, CTO of SlowMist, highlighted some of the company’s services in his speech, including blockchain security audit services, consulting and monitoring services, and blockchain AML/CFT compliance solutions.

Pawn, CTO of NuLink, shared information about NuLink and revealed that NuLink is closely collaborating with several GameFi partners to provide secure privacy protection solutions, empowering Web3 games.

Paul Solntsev, Head of Cointelegraph Accelerator, discussed the theme of accelerating GameFi adoption. He pointed out that despite issues such as poor game quality, limited awareness of players outside of Web3, and a lack of sustainable business models, GameFi is still gaining attention and offered suggestions for Web3 startups from multiple dimensions. Lastly, Paul Solntsev stated that Cointelegraph Accelerator is providing media products, marketing advice, mentoring support, and more for Web3 startups.

Following a series of insightful speeches and impressive demonstrations by the Top 10 teams, the results of the 2023 Web3 Gaming Hackathon were announced! The complete list of winners is as follows:

First Prize

  • Legend of Arcadia

Legend of Arcadia (LOA) is a multi-chain, free and Play2Earn card game, combining a sleek gaming experience with GameFi 2.0 concept.

Second Prize*2


SERAPH integrates blockchain features while emphasizing gameplay and the fun of looting nonfungible tokens (NFTs). With its hardcore gameplay, stunning visuals and the possession of in-game items, SERAPH is certain to provide a unique and exceptional game experience.

  • Planet Hares

Planet Hares is a metaverse ecosystem platform based on entertainment culture that empowers Web3 projects.It aims to create a diverse and open metaverse, integrate more communities and organizations, and provide entertainment application scenarios and services for them.

Third Prize*3

  • Tearing Space

Tearing Spaces aims to strike a balance between traditional Web2 games and Web3 blockchain games with high financial attributes.

  • Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith (AOF) is a cutting-edge MOBA game that revolves around a tournament-centric ecosystem. It offers a 3D gaming experience across multiple platforms, catering to both Solo and Team modes.

  • Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet is an immersive, location-based Web3 Metaverse game that revolutionizes the way we engage with digital spaces. Using the technology of Blockchain and integrating with real-world geographic locations, the game offers a blended experience of reality and virtuality where players can explore, interact, and trade in a decentralized environment.

ABGA’s Choice

  • Lumiterra

Lumiterra is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can battle, farm with your friends or collect mysterious creatures in a vast world!

Klaytn’s Choice

  • Mhaya

Shape the future of GameFi by offering unprecedented value to gamers and investors, which is not possible through traditional gaming business models

Iskra’s Choice

  • TownStory

TownStory Galaxy is a F2P Web3 social simulation game developed by exZyngaStudio who made FarmVille. Users can build their own towns in the game and interact with players from all over the world and trade NFTs in the open world. Players will earn governance tokens through social interactions with their friends.

CESS’s Choice

  • Sui Game

SuiGame is a revolutionary gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain, aiming to become STEAM on Web3.

With the conclusion of the award ceremony, the two-month-long hackathon of 2023 has come to a perfect end. Heartfelt congratulations to the Top 10 of this competition, and sincere thanks to the other game teams and judges who put in a lot of effort for the hackathon. Of course, the most impressive were the profound insights from Web3 and even Web2 brought by the speakers, making this competition even more professional and in-depth.