ABGA Eco Fund


ABGA Eco Fund aims to empower the further development of blockchain gaming by investing in the upstream and downstream of the industry. With a highly professional global team and unique industrial resource advantages, ABGA Eco Fund is willing to support the project to achieve its long-term value.

Limited Partner

  • FBG
  • 比升
  • Chain
  • Cryptomeria_Labs
  • waterdrip
  • CVF
  • Ku Coin
  • KOI
  • Mint
  • Plutus.VC
  • BKEX
  • 2140
  • IBG
  • bing

Contact Us

If you have an innovative idea about blockchain gaming and web 3.0, and are dedicated to realizing the concept, please send a summary of your project along with a pitch deck or whitepaper to:

Linkedin: ABGA Eco Fund