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ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 Starts!

Blockbuster! ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 Starts! Sharing a Bright Future in Web3 World!

On July 20th, ABGA (Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance) and Klaytn, the largest public chain in South Korea, jointly launched the 2022 Blockchain Gaming Hackathon. Let’s seize the day and live it to the full. We will witness the arrival of the next peak of Blockchain Gaming together in the hot summer!


We believe that Blockchain Gaming is a track that can bring fresh blood and vitality to the crypto world and can detonate the next round of cyclical prosperity. More and more traditional game developers and companies are paying attention and have begun to deploy Blockchain Gaming, and imaginative new game modes attract more and more traditional players. Blockchain Gaming is not just about GameFi and P2E; perhaps, a new Blockchain Gaming model is brewing.

The hackathon aims to unleash the potential of the gaming industry through blockchain technology, empowering and unlocking untapped potential beyond the Blockchain Gaming circuit, metaverse and NFT space. ABGA hopes to accelerate the development of Web 3.0 while promoting the Blockchain Gaming ecosystem and investing in future blue-chip Blockchain Gaming projects! This hackathon will have six types of awards (a total of ten slots). The first, second, and third prizes and special awards will be determined based on the participating teams’ submitted materials. The total prize pool includes $90,000 in cash provided by Klaytn and $2 Million in investment. The winning team will be invited to participate in the Blockchain Gaming 2022 Summit held by ABGA in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on September 26-27. The summit is co-organized by top organizations and representatives from the blockchain industry and will bring together pioneers/ enthusiasts/ developers/ experts, and academics in the Web3 space.

l                      Hackathon Theme

Blockchain Gaming

We welcome the participation of Blockchain Gaming’s whole ecological project. In addition to the game project itself, it includes Blockchain Gaming-related platforms, underlying technical facilities and technologies, Blockchain Gaming application tools, etc.

l                      Timeline

July 20th, 13:00 (UTC+8)

Officially start the online application and submit materials on DoraHacks.

August 26th, 24:00 (UTC+8)

Deadline for submission

August 27th -September 15th

Online selection by judges (the selected 10 winning teams will be invited to participate in the offline Demo Day on September 26th)

September 26th, 14:00-17:30 – Blockchain Gaming 2022 Day 1 (Hackathon Demo Day):

The ten winning teams will be invited to participate in the offline Demo Day and Awards Dinner on September 26th, have the opportunity to receive comments and awards from experts and communicate closely with nearly 300 representatives from top institutions and teams.

September 26th, 19:30-21:30 – Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 Awards Ceremony

l                      Demo Day Location

September 26th Demo Day Address: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

l                      Entry Requirements/ Selection Criteria

1. Blockchain Gaming-related full-ecological projects, including Blockchain Gaming’s game projects, Blockchain Gaming-related platforms, underlying technical facilities and technologies, Blockchain Gaming application tools, etc.

2. Participating projects need to submit a practical project and prepare a complete Deck with a framework (including project introduction, economic model, team member introduction and plans, etc.) It will be value-adding if the project includes software parts, such as machine learning models, applications, etc.

3. The participating projects need to be in the early stage, have not yet started the earliest financing, or have not completed the earliest financing to ensure that the winning project can have the amount and space for early investment.

l                      Hackathon Prize & Project Support

This hackathon will select six types of awards, a total of ten slots. The first, second, and third prizes and three types of special awards will be determined based on participating teams’ scores. The prize pool includes $90,000 in cash and $2 Million in investment.

Total Award Pool Size: Cash $90,000 + Investment Amount $2 Million

1. Total Award Pool Size: Cash $90,000

Top Winner: $20,000 (1 slot)

Second Tier:$12,000 (2 slots)

Third Tier: $8,000 (3 slots)

Best Community Award: $6,000 (2 slots)

ABGA Choice Award: $5,000 (1 slot)

Klaytn Choice Award:$5,000 (1 slot)

 (10 winning teams in total)

2. Investment Rewards: $2 Million

The 10 winning teams will have the opportunity to receive an investment amount of $2 Million from ABGA members and other investors.

3. Excellent Publicity Exposure Opportunity

The 10 finalist teams will be invited to participate in the Blockchain Gaming 2022 Summit held by ABGA on September 26-27 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, during the Asia Crypto Week period.

September 26th will be the hackathon’s offline Demo Day and Award Ceremony. ABGA will invite around 300 top institutions’ representatives and investors to participate.

*Asia Crypto Week is a week of various independently organized side events around TOKEN2049 Singapore, from September 26th to October 2nd 2022.

4. Klaytn Ecosystem Support

(1) Invitation to be listed as Klaytn’s community projects

– (For both startup and non-startup teams) – Winners’ projects will be listed as community projects in aspects of the Klaytn Gaming ecosystem.

 (2) Introduction to Krust Incubation Programme

– (ONLY for startup teams) – The startup entity of the winners’ projects will be selected and introduced to Krust Incubation Programme when it is up and running. The selected startups could be included in the genesis cohort of the Krust incubation programme.

– Krust incubation program projects will be served with core consulting, including business modeling, tokenomics advisory, legal & finance advisory and co-marketing opportunities with Klaytn Foundation. There also will be chances to be closely connected with Klaytn Eco funds and global VCs via Demo day.

(3) Introduction to Krust Investment Programme

– (ONLY for startup teams) – If the selected startup is too potential or mature to be considered for the Krust Incubation Programme, they will be invited to be considered for the Krust Investment Programme for major investment opportunities.

(4) KGF/KIR Grant Support

– (For both startup and non-startup teams) – Depending on the nature of winners’ projects and the preference of hackathon winners on whether they would like to maintain or industrialize the hackathon projects, and in case there are not interested in participating in incubator programmes we offered, these potential winners’ projects could be recommended to our KGF grant process so as to be financially supported by the foundation to keep building on Klaytn ecosystem.

5. ABGA Ecosystem Support

ABGA is an alliance focused on the Blockchain Gaming ecosystem. It has in-depth cooperation with more than 50+ top institutions, has supported the development of many early projects, and has the support of high-quality communities and media from Asia. All members and partners of the ABGA & Klaytn ecosystem will help the participating teams obtain various resource docking, media exposure, and project guidance and acceleration.

l                      Registration Entrance

Entrance 1: Sign up through the DoraHacks platform

Sign up through this link:

Entrance 2: Go to the Hackathon 2022 page of the ABGA official website and click “submmit your application here.”

Official website link:

l                      Registration Steps

1. Go to DoraHack’s official website (, register an account (*Github, crypto wallet and email are supported for creating an account. For BUIDLers, we recommend you to connect the account to your Github to make more people know what you are building at any time);

2. Enter the ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 event page (Entrance 1/Entrance 2), click “Submit BUIDL”, and fill in the project information;

3. Before the submission of DDL on August 26th, please make sure you have added your Github link to the project. You can submit the project first and edit it later before the DDL. Please note that for the demo, demo link and social media, please offer URLs (with http/https://);

4. Wait! Don’t just leave your BUIDL here and forget about it. Please get in touch with DoraHacks staff on Telegram for project verification and promotional support.

Telegram: @dorahacksofficial

Discord: You can also reach DoraHacks out at the #buidl-verification channel in Discord )

Please refer to the specific registration steps:



l                      About ABGA

ABGA, known as Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, is an ecological alliance established by mainstream organizations in the global blockchain industry, as well as outstanding organizations and individuals full of enthusiasm for blockchain gaming, metaverse and NFT. Through a wealth of online and offline activities and the latest industry information analysis and discussion, ABGA inner members are combined to discover, invest and incubate more potential projects to promote the vigorous development of the industry.



l                      About Klaytn

In 2019, Kakao—one of South Korea’s leading software enterprises—created the Klaytn blockchain with the intention of staying true to its mission of making a better world through people and technology.

Klaytn is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore. Klaytn’s transaction latency is improved by a maximum 20 times compared to other Layer 1 chains. A block is generated and finalized every second in Klaytn. Klaytn has become the most influential blockchain platform in Korea by providing faster and more secure transactions with our immediate finality with a one-second block generation time. We are a “builder-friendly” blockchain and are working under the slogan of ‘The Metaverse Blockchain for All’ to build competitive Dapp services and become a global platform.


-ABGA reserves the final interpretation of this event.