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ABGA’s October Start-up Showcase Was Held Successfully

On 26th October, the 5th session of the ABGA Start-up Showcase was successfully held. The event’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for innovative teams to showcase and build a bridge between institutions and projects.

8 start-up projects from web3 industry brought their brilliant roadshows. They are: JoyID Wallet, Deverse World, Sakaba, LILLIUS, BBG, ForTheDog(FTD), Ohayo Master, Gabby World.

Introductions for these projects are as follows.

JoyID Wallet

Next-gen wallet powerd by Passkey. No password, no mnemonics, no email, no phone number, no installation, non-custodial. Onboarding for 10s, no AA gas overhead.

Deverse World

Deverse World is an open world adventure sandbox game, where players explore endless generative float isles for resources and rare items, conquer and claim as foundation for building, constructing experiences.


Sakaba is working on an onboarding and loyalty infrastructure protocol for Web3 games that will enable Web3 gaming projects to onboard billions of gamers generically and incentivise them to play games on an ongoing basis.


LILLIUS motivates exercising anytime, anywhere by sports challenge contents and rewards with gamified sports trainings developed through AI motion detection and analysis technology.


BBG presents a solution, AI powered ALPM (Automated Liquidity Pool Manager), by offering a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to become an LP with ease. Users can simply input their preferences and target profit rates through a click-based interface. BBG then leverages AI simulations based on millions of data points to optimize the selection of token pairs and pricing.


As a Blockchain project aiming for Web3.0 commerce

FTD operated based on companion dog NFT for M2E.

The way connect M2E (virtual world) and Commerce (real world)

Commerce is possible in the real world by utilizing goods (NFT) in the virtual world.

Ohayo Master

Our Flagship Creation An ACGN-Styled SIM & EDU Game that features real-world asset simulation, in-game asset trading, 2D-comic aesthetics and AI-powered creatives.

Gabby World

Gabby World is the first genAI-native autonomous world, permissionlessly interoperable with any 3rd-party NFTs, and played by turning ideas into on-chain prompts.

ABGA’s institutional members includes Huobi Ventures, KuCoin, Polygon, The 9, Protocol Labs, Yield Guild Games/YGG SEA/Infinity Ventures Crypto, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, Avatar Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Enjinstarter, MEXC Pioneer, Plutus. VC, MetaEstate, Mint Ventures, FBG Capital, Koi Capital, Cryptomeria Labs, Westworld Capital, Hatten, Deepcoin, IOST (Big Candle Capital), Monsta Infinity, Klaytn & Krust, CryptoBuddy, NFTb, MetaGame Arena, IBG, Atlantis Metaverse, Cast Box, Klaydice, Fantaverse, Lingose, UKISS, 2140 Ventures, Bing Ventures, Lead Capital, Mythic Protocol, X Rush,  DeepBrain Chain, Mirror Planet, BoxtradEX, AI Meta Club and Planet Hares(in no particular order).

ABGA aims to discover more innovative and creative projects in the early stage from the tracks of Gamefi/Metaverse/NFT through the Start-up Showcase and give these brilliant projects the most attention and support. By combining the Asia power of the industry, ABGA can better integrate the blockchain gaming industry into the global blockchain ecology to jointly promote the long-term development of the promising industry.

@Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a non-profit blockchain alliance co-sponsored by leading institutions in the crypto industry. ABGA members are optimistic about blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse and are supporting ABGA-related activities and investments.