HOME NEWS The 2rd Session of Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA)’s ABGA New Member Introduction Meeting Held Successfully

The 2rd Session of Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA)’s ABGA New Member Introduction Meeting Held Successfully

The 2rd Session of Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA)’s ABGA New Member Introduction Meeting Held Successfully

On 25 MAY 2022, Wed. (UTC+8) 10:00, ABGA Secretary-General Yoka hosted the ABGA Member introduction Meeting. ABGA is a non-profit blockchain alliance cosponsored by the leading institution in this gaming industry. ABGA’s vision is to become a credible and trustworthy third-party alliance in the gamefi field. In the future, ABGA will mainly focus on three objects:

1)Continuously output professional opinion through monthly quarterly and weekly research reports. For this, we will get help and support from the professional game by data analyst platform, Footprint, and volunteer analyst from our VC members.

2)Online and offline events. ABGA will hold a long-term weekly offline event in Singapore, and we will hold a prominent game summit in the next half of the year.

3)Monthly diamond and platinum members exchange meetings.

ABGA’s Diamond & Platinum members brought brilliant presentations to the meeting. The participant is IOST, Ulti Arena, MetaGame Arena, IBG, Klaydice, BKEX labs, NFTb, Castbox(Guru network), 2140 Ventures, X Rush, Footprint Analytics, and Atlantis, below are brief introductions about these projects:


Blake, CMO of IOST & Co-founder of Big Candle Capital, and Alexa, Senior Marketing Manager of IOST & General Partner of Big Candle Capital, make the introduction about IOST. As an ultra-fast, scalable, and decentralized smart-contract public blockchain, IOST plan to become EVM-compatible second half of 2022.

IOST is a globally distributed team based in Singapore, and also has offices in Korea, Japan, Spain, and China. On top of IOST, they also launched  VC- Big Candle Capital to invest in high-quality projects in areas of metaverse, web 3 & GameFi.

Established over 3 years now, IOST has built a sustainable network with various partners such as exchanges, media & developers, hence strong resources in experience & network.

With regards to blockchain network performance, IOST never experiences any downtime, fast transactions of up to 8,000 TPS, and transactions are free, still 99% cheaper than the Ethereum network.

Recently, IOST also announced a plan to become EVM compatible to attract more developers to their ecosystem, which can add value to any ABGA members who look for expanding & integrating into a high-performance blockchain network.

IOST possesses a strong community especially in Japan, Thailand, China, etc. 1 of the only 18 coins on the Green List by The Japanese Crypto Association. 29th compliant coin in Japan, currently listed on OKCoin Japan, bitpoint Japan, and CoinCheck.

In view of the current market, IOST will put a lot of focus on the investment arm of IOST- BCC, and actively look for good and high potential projects through their network.

Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena is a blockchain-based project that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming space by providing white-label solutions through its products:

1. The first ever NFT Marketplace for game assets.

2. Proof-of-Gaming, a gaming client that rewards $ULTI tokens by playing non-blockchain games such as DotA2, LoL, and CS:GO.

3. Ultimate Battle Arena, a digital card collectible NFT game.

Ulti Arena’s Operation Manager, Oskar Krzak, delivered a brilliant presentation about the company in its entirety, its progress, and its vision for the future.

Just recently, they have implemented the Collections feature in the NFT Marketplace. Additionally, Ulti Arena has secured exclusive partnerships for game asset trading for some highly anticipated NFT games. They also hold IGOs for a number of blockchain games in the NFT Marketplace.

Ultimate Battle Arena is currently in its beta phase and is expected to release the full version sometime in June.

Proof-of-Gaming, a revolutionary product of Ulti Arena, unique in its kind, is being revamped and will be presented with new tokenomics, improved algorithm, better rewards, and more use cases.

Ulti Arena is looking to boost its community engagement and gaming partnerships cooperation through community sharing and other marketing means.

Join Ulti Arena’s socials for more updates:

MetaGame Arena

Metagame Arena is an on-chain mobile and web game developer with a professional ACGN Art team. They are developing the first on-chain strategic Role-Playing NFT Game which is called” Prometheus”. Prometheus is a well-made large game made by extraordinary painters in the game industry.

The team comes from a professional game team specializing the game production and development and it has rich experience in game development. Prometheus has a great advantage in the field of sourcing development.


IBG wants to build a vision for the future crypto world. Focused on #DeFi, #NFT, #DAO #WEB3 #LAYER2. Zoe from IBG responsible for domestic investment research and industrial analysis presents IBG. Founded in 2017, IBG has a financial license from the European Union and has invested in more than 100 projects. The IBG business layout includes laps investment banks, eco-club, six business lines, etc.

The base of IBG is in Hong Kong, Wuhan, and Hangzhou in China and the business map is mainly in two major sectors. The first is the investments in token web 3.0 and NFT space. The second part is the development of the underlying technology of blockchain.

For this time, IBG is doing Web3.0 industry fund at home and abroad and is doing digital RMB and digital USD, with the scale reaching 100 million USD.

IBG expects strong support from ABGA, giving IBG the latest information on quality projects so that investment could be promoted and make more innovations.


Klaydice is a P2E, NFT, Metaverse platform built on the Klaytn mainnet. Klaydice aims to provide global users with the easiest and the most convenient opportunity to access the blockchain technology.

The beta version of the Dicast P2E game launch, IDO, and the DICE token listing are coming up in June. Klaydice invites ABGA members to their NFT NYC private party.

Klaydice team is currently based in South Korea, but it is setting up an overseas branch in Vietnam next month. Thus, Klaydice is looking for more opportunities to cooperate with other projects and attract more global users and investors. Klaydice has several GameFi project experiences and a large user base and database, which could benefit partner projects.


BKEX is a professional blockchain investment institution focusing on digital asset management and incubating companies with blockchain technology. The team consists of professionals from China, Singapore, Thailand, and San Francisco.

BKEX has five years of industrial experience, invested in 150 projects, including leading projects. The total amount of investment capital has reached 100m dollars. BKEX also cooperate with leading platforms like harmony.

BKEX aims to double the investment project amount by next year, seek co-invest opportunities within ABGA, and set up new funds with ABGA members.


NFTb is the complete multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for communities with a mission to help NFT creators to get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

NFTb connects NFT creators and buyers anywhere around the world through its premium NFT Marketplace and a multi-chain DeFi Platform, giving access to yield farming opportunities and a Launchpad enabling creators and projects to build on early support.

NFTb is backed by the Binance Accelerator Fund, Rarestone Capital, and Spark Digital Capital.

Since 2021, the team has been heavily committed to building out a platform for digital artists and NFT collectors. With the recent V2.0 tech upgrade to its platform. The new release will optimize the platform’s scalability and seek to support its booming categories in Digital Art and Music NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, and Play-2-Earn Gaming.

And now they are extending their commitment to gamers – NFTb Gaming’s vision is to be a hub for game studios, developers, traders, and players to engage and leverage DeFi through owning NFTs.

Castbox(Guru network)

Castbox(Guru network) is a global leader in mobile entertainment, including audio, social Apps, and casual games. The team consists of more than 100 members from Beijing, Chengdu, North America, Europe, and the Philippines.

The most successful projects include Castbox, the first pure-play podcast App with 40 million users across 175 countries, and Jigsaw, a puzzle game with 2 million MAU.

Their boost platform, overseas operation ability, strong user acquisition ability, the large user base of up to 21 million, rich resources in western countries, and media exposure opportunities make the Guru network very competitive in the industry.

Guru network wishes to expand to the Gamefi field and seeks cooperation with ABGA members to achieve mutual benefits.

2140 Ventures

2140 Ventures is a new fund established in 2022 in Singapore that focuses on crypto investment. It received 10 million US dollar funds in its VC round.

Founders of 2140 are from Industry-leading companies such as Block eco-fund, Block Global, Heyi Capital, etc. 2140 team is experienced in private equity funds, infrastructures, GameFi, Defi, and SocialFi.

2140 wishes to communicate and make friends with ABGA members, mutually contribute and share resources, and raise Asian projects.


X Rush is a casual play-to-earn game that is easy to pick up and fun under public test round 2. The team members are based in Turkey, Canada, and China. X rush is professional in marketing, casual game, and unity 3d.

X Rush is looking for cooperation with gaming community building, fundraising in public round 2, marketing resources, and listing launchpads. They are also more than happy to share their resources with ABGA members.

X Rush wishes to attend more ABGA events and accelerate GameFi development with ABGA and our members.


Footprint Analytics is an analysis platform that discovers and visualizes blockchain data. The team is based in Singapore, mainland China, the US, and Europe.

It provides investors, protocol developers, analysts, and media with various services, structured data, zero coding solutions, reports from a single protocol  to industry analysis, and helps to make investment decisions.

Within eight months, Footprint achieved 94B transactions across 17 chains, collected a large quantity of data, and raised 4.15 million funds.

Footprint Analytics wishes to cooperate with ABGA members and empower each other to make a significant impact.


The Atlantis Metaverse was born with a mission to create an open Metaverse, Atlantis is more than just a fantasy-themed strategy game with a deep setting and storyline. Atlantis also aims to become a decentralized society, where users are the builders of that society. Founded in 2021, Atlantis has a lot of support from a Vietnam community and the baseline also from Vietnam. Atlantis is not getting impacted a lot by the downward market because the return on investment is calculated by uh USD.

The Atlantis Metaverse was planned to get support to introduce our project to all the countries. In reality, Atlantis Universe has players from not only Vietnam but also Philippine, United Kingdom and so on. Atlantis are trying to get more users in other countries from Asia, European or America. In the future, Atlantis is going to develop other market based on the game platform development such as the NFT fashion and  reality real estate. We hope that we can corporate with ABGA and ABGA members to promote the projects to others countries to get more attention and business opportunities.

We believed through more help and tied cooperation with ABGA members, our alliance and members will complete more awesome business cooperation.