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The 4th Session Start-up Showcase Was Held Successfully

On 28th June, the 4th session of the ABGA Start-up Showcase was successfully held. The event’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for innovative teams to showcase and build a bridge between institutions and projects.

10 start-up projects from web3 industry brought their brilliant roadshows. They are: Substance Exchange,Petobots, TableMaster, BitArcade, Star Symphony, Arena of Faith, Komoverse, Chess of Stars, Quurk, Elite XP

Introductions for these projects are as follows.

Substance Exchange

Substance Exchange is a decentralized derivative trading platform determined to provide users with the best-aggregated trading experience of spot, leverage, and unique simple options through simultaneous heterogeneous DeFi aggregation technology.


Petobots is a web3 casual gaming platform, where players collect robotic pets and use them to clash in PvP battles. Games are available both with wagers and in a Free-to-Play mode with no wagers and NFTs.


TableMaster is a Web3-based Esports gaming platform that hosts Multi-table Tournaments (MTTs).


BitArcade is a specialized marketing agency with a focus on WEB3 and Esports. We have a proven track record in the gaming industry, having collaborated with renowned clients such as Toyota Master CS:GO, TikTok Game House Tournament, Apex Legends Global Series. Our core services revolve around marketing and NFT consultancy, where we bridge the gap between traditional WEB2 clients and the expanding WEB3 ecosystem.

Star Symphony

A music gaming ecosystem that bridges Musicians & Gamers through Symphonia (our universe). The very first product to be deployed is our Rhythm Battler or you may call it, a competitive rhythm game.

Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith (AOF) is a cutting-edge MOBA game that revolves around a tournament-centric ecosystem. It offers a 3D gaming experience across multiple platforms, catering to both Solo and Team modes.


Komoverse is one of the leading blockchain gaming platforms globally. Komoverse allows game developers to do what they do best: create exciting games without having to worry about other non-core attributes of game development.

Chess of Stars

Chess of stars is an auto-chess electronic sports game developed based on WEB3.0 technology. It can be purchased through stablecoins from various public chains and NFTs can be used to participate in battles for wealth.


Quurk is building the first open world game that helps players learn Python and Blockchain programming faster and better.

Elite XP

Elite XP is a web stat-tracking & analytics platform combined with daily tournaments to enable traditional gamers to earn based on their in-game performance of their favorite web2 and web3 games.

ABGA’s institutional members includes Huobi Ventures, KuCoin, Polygon, The 9, Protocol Labs, Yield Guild Games/YGG SEA/Infinity Ventures Crypto, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, Avatar Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Enjinstarter, MEXC Pioneer, Plutus. VC, MetaEstate, Mint Ventures, FBG Capital, Koi Capital, Cryptomeria Labs, Westworld Capital, Hatten, BKEX, IOST (Big Candle Capital), Monsta Infinity, Klaytn & Krust, CryptoBuddy, NFTb, MetaGame Arena, IBG, Atlantis Metaverse, Cast Box, Klaydice, Fantaverse, Lingose, UKISS, 2140 Ventures, Bing Ventures, Lead Capital, Mythic Protocol, X Rush,  DeepBrain Chain, Mirror Planet and BoxtradEX (in no particular order).

ABGA aims to discover more innovative and creative projects in the early stage from the tracks of Gamefi/Metaverse/NFT through the Start-up Showcase and give these brilliant projects the most attention and support. By combining the Asia power of the industry, ABGA can better integrate the blockchain gaming industry into the global blockchain ecology to jointly promote the long-term development of the promising industry.

@Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a non-profit blockchain alliance co-sponsored by leading institutions in the crypto industry. ABGA members are optimistic about blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse and are supporting ABGA-related activities and investments.