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The First Session of Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA)’s Start-up Showcase was Held Successfully

On 16th March, the first session of the ABGA Start-up Showcase was successfully held. The new version of the ABGA Start-up Showcase will be held once a month, and there will be 10 projects from the ABGA member ecosystem and web3 industry presenting in each session. The event’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for innovative teams to showcase and build a bridge between institutions and projects.

During the event, Acxyn, Mirror Planet, DanceFit, Glory Games, DIGI, Geno, BOXTradEx, Babel Universe, LinoSwap, and Yeet brought terrific presentations. Introductions for these projects are as follows.


Acxyn is building critical economic infrastructure for games entering into Web3 that will not only ease adoption of the decentralised web but also unlock the true economic potential of games, where they have complete ownership of their revenue streams and game communities.

Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet is an Augmented Reality Web3 Metaverse game. The game is designed as a replicated version of the earth with actual street and buildings. It encourages players to bring their real lives into the game and make financial gains through outdoor exploration.


DanceFit is a Web3 Social Gaming Platform with three main concepts — Dance, Create and Share. Among Dancers, Creators, and Viewer, each function has a share contribution that benefits the platform.

Glory Games

Glory Games is a P2E project that aims to bring gaming authenticity to the masses. Glory Games is a metaverse that connects communities through offline AR treasure hunts and online on-chain competitive games.


DIGI is the metaverse for you to build, play and connect. DIGI combines Metaverse building, playing, and social connections, powered by web3.0 technologies to provide a seamless onboarding process for users from web2.0 to web3.0.


Geno is the first Interoperable, Intelligent, and Scalable data infrastructure that makes the next billion Web3 users possible. The real-time multi-chain data infrastructure enables complex indexing & customized analytics, which empowers developers to achieve sustainable growth and to make better Web3 projects easier & faster.


BOXTradEx is a one-stop app that includes exchanges, NFT trading markets, and game guild management tools for renting and borrowing NFTS.

Babel Universe

BabelDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that creates story universes (IPs). Starting with our debut project “Babel”, we are building a new way for stories to be created, owned, and monetized collaboratively.


LinoSwap as an automatic NFT/SFT market maker is rarity friendly, creator friendly, and supports better composability. LinoSwap greatly expands the range of NFT AMMs that can be applied. Rare NFTS can also be traded at fairer prices using LinoSwap. LinoSwap issues LP tokens to LP, which can be used as common ERC20 tokens. In the LinoSwap contract, function exchange supports calldata for NFT flash exchange + flash loan.


Yeet is an AIGC-driven avatar social platform based on Web3 Infra.Users can customize avatars to represent their individuality with avatar DID & SBT, hangout with friends, launch virtual events, etc.

ABGA members, investors, Medias and industry enthusiasts participated in the showcase.

ABGA’s institutional members includes Huobi Ventures, KuCoin, Polygon, The 9, Protocol Labs, Yield Guild Games/YGG SEA/Infinity Ventures Crypto, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, Avatar Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Enjinstarter, MEXC Pioneer, Plutus. VC, MetaEstate, Mint Ventures, FBG Capital, Koi Capital, Cryptomeria Labs, Westworld Capital, Hatten, BKEX, IOST (Big Candle Capital), Monsta Infinity, Klaytn & Krust, CryptoBuddy, NFTb, MetaGame Arena, IBG, Atlantis Metaverse, Cast Box, Klaydice, Fantaverse, Lingose, UKISS, 2140 Ventures, Bing Ventures, Lead Capital, Mythic Protocol, X Rush, DeepBrain Chain and Mirror Planet (in no particular order).

ABGA aims to discover more innovative and creative projects in the early stage from the tracks of Gamefi/Metaverse/NFT through the Start-up Showcase and give these brilliant projects the most attention and support. By combining the Asia power of the industry, ABGA can better integrate the blockchain gaming industry into the global blockchain ecology to jointly promote the long-term development of the promising industry.

@The event is supported exclusively by HotcoinEx. HOTCOIN GLOBAL was founded in Australia in November 2017, and it is a globally famous crypto assets financial service platform offering 24-hour professional digital asset trading services to the world.

@Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a non-profit blockchain alliance co-sponsored by leading institutions in the crypto industry. ABGA members are optimistic about blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse and are supporting ABGA-related activities and investments.