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The 3rd Session of Start-up Showcase Was Held Successfully

On 30th May, the third session of the ABGA Start-up Showcase was successfully held. The event’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for innovative teams to showcase and build a bridge between institutions and projects.

10 start-up projects from the ABGA member ecosystem and web3 industry brought their brilliant roadshows. They are: Townstory Galaxy,Endless Web Worlds, Carrieverse(Mantisco), Xmultiverse Labs, XTRA, BlockGames,Ajuna Network,Mori’s Shell, Ascendant, Mhaya2023

Introductions for These projects are as follows.

Townstory Galaxy

TownStory Galaxy is a F2P Web3 social simulation game developed by ex-Zynga Studio, who made FarmVille. Users can build their own towns in the game, interact with players from all over the world, and trade NFTs in the open world.

Endless Web Worlds

Endless Web Worlds is the most customizable browser-based sandbox game. Create and program thrilling web worlds, bringing your assets to life with easy-to-use AI. Live forever and earn with Web3.


In collaboration with Carriesoft Co., Ltd.,they are creating a metaverse using the ‘Carrie and Friends’ IP. Using the Carrie IP, which encompasses more than 3 million subscribers and billions of views around the globe, they wanted to create a metaverse game that the entire family can enjoy, similar to Nintendo’s parent games.

Xmultiverse Labs

Xmultiverse Labs is the WEB 3.0 Foundation that powers the infrastructure of the new virtual world driven by AI, Unity, and liquid-cooled computing power.


A Gamer Identity Protocol for web3 games, Building product in partnership with 10+ gaming studios.


BlockGames enters publishing partnerships with web2/web3 games and powers them with a BlockGames Arcade through a WebView SDK, aggregating player on-chain/off-chain engagement data, while bringing player traffic & rewards to games, creating an ecosystem where games and players are brought together, through the $BLOCK token.

Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network is a decentralised Layer 1 infrastructure for gaming. It is substrate based blockchain built on top of the trust and security of the Polkadot relay chain.

Mori’s Shell

The world’s first decentralized AI-driven board gaming platform with a revolutionary AI-driven token economy.


Ascendant is an innovative Web3 astrology ecosystem that blends AI with astrology to help you unlock the everyday magic within you and navigate the exciting world of Web3. Be prepared to have your FIRST-EVER personalized AI Astrologer.


Mhaya 2023 is a Free Play to Earn (FP2E) NFT-based PVE/PVP game derived by the classic board game, Monopoly. As a multichain game, Mhaya2023 stands out with its free and stake dual pools supporting by token liquidity consumed in-game daily rewarding players in an anti-monopoly way. This innovative tokenomic allowing the healthy perpetual growth of the Mhaya ecosystem development.

ABGA’s institutional members includes Huobi Ventures, KuCoin, Polygon, The 9, Protocol Labs, Yield Guild Games/YGG SEA/Infinity Ventures Crypto, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, Avatar Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Enjinstarter, MEXC Pioneer, Plutus. VC, MetaEstate, Mint Ventures, FBG Capital, Koi Capital, Cryptomeria Labs, Westworld Capital, Hatten, BKEX, IOST (Big Candle Capital), Monsta Infinity, Klaytn & Krust, CryptoBuddy, NFTb, MetaGame Arena, IBG, Atlantis Metaverse, Cast Box, Klaydice, Fantaverse, Lingose, UKISS, 2140 Ventures, Bing Ventures, Lead Capital, Mythic Protocol, X Rush,  DeepBrain Chain, Mirror Planet and BOXTradEx (in no particular order).

ABGA aims to discover more innovative and creative projects in the early stage from the tracks of Gamefi/Metaverse/NFT through the Start-up Showcase and give these brilliant projects the most attention and support. By combining the Asia power of the industry, ABGA can better integrate the blockchain gaming industry into the global blockchain ecology to jointly promote the long-term development of the promising industry.

@Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a non-profit blockchain alliance co-sponsored by leading institutions in the crypto industry. ABGA members are optimistic about blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse and are supporting ABGA-related activities and investments.