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Together With Klaytn, Iskra and CESS, ABGA is Launching the Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023

Singapore, July 17th, 2023, ABGA, in collaboration with Klaytn, Iskra and CESS, is excited to announce the launch of the 2023 Web3 Gaming Hackathon on DoraHacks, taking place from July 17th to September 11th. As the strategic partner, Google Cloud will provide comprehensive support for the Hackathon event.

The Web3 Gaming Hackathon aims to recognize teams with exceptional potential and drive the further development of the Web3 gaming industry. Participants will have the unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, skills, and vision by developing groundbreaking games that leverage blockchain technology and Web3 principles. Outstanding teams will be rewarded with a substantial prize pool, including cash prizes, Google Cloud credits, funding opportunities, and valuable partnerships, empowering them to advance their projects and contribute to the evolution of Web3 gaming.

“The infusion of Web3 Gaming injects new energy and vitality into the crypto world, heralding the next wave of cyclical prosperity,” stated from ABGA. “With traditional game developers and companies increasingly embracing Web3 Gaming, innovative game modes are attracting a growing number of players. This year’s resurgence of fully on-chain games underscores the immense potential of Web3 gaming, which we are determined to explore and harness fully.”

The prize pool for the Hackathon includes a generous allocation as follows:

 First Prize: $25,000 (1 Winner)

Second Prize: $9,000 (2 Winners)

Third Prize: $7,000 (3 Winners)

ABGA’s Choice: $4,000 (1 Winner)

Klaytn’s Choice: $4,000 (1 Winner)

Iskra’s Choice: $4,000 (1 Winner)

CESS’s Choice: $4,000 (1 Winner)

In addition to the generous bonus prizes, the organizers are also offering a series of support and benefits to the winners. Participants will have the opportunity to gain exposure to venture capitalists (VCs) and explore potential funding opportunities. Google Cloud will also provide technical mentorship to participants throughout the Hackathon, and Google Cloud credits to the winners.

What is most exciting is that the top participants will have the chance to attend the offline pre-final showcase in South Korea during KBW and the final competition in Singapore during Token2049.

Hackathon Key Dates:

Submission Period: July 17th – August 13th, 2023

Review and Judge: August 14th – August 19th, 2023

Online Semi-Final: August 20th – August 27th, 2023

Pre-final Warm-up: September 6th, 2023 (South Korea)

Final / Winners Announced: September 11th, 2023 (Singapore)

To participate, register at:

 —About ABGA

The Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a pioneering alliance centred around Web3 gaming, backed by prominent institutions in the Web3 industry. By harnessing the collective strength of Asia’s gaming industry, we are committed to shaping a promising future for the global blockchain gaming landscape.

—About Klaytn

Klaytn is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Klaytn has become the most influential blockchain platform in Korea by providing faster and more secure transactions with our immediate finality with a one-second block generation time. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore. 

—About Iskra

Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform for developers and players that rewards everyone through a unique community system. Current services include a DEX, marketplace, and launchpad.

—About CESS

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is the first full-stack decentralized storage solution for large-scale enterprise needs. The CESS Decentralized Cloud Network is optimized for processing high-frequency dynamic data, enabling real-time data sharing; while safeguarding its users’ data ownership, privacy and assets.