WEB3 Gaming Hackathon 2023
2 nd
Planet Hares
1 st
Legend of Arcadia
3 rd
Tearing Space
Arena of Faith
Mirror Planet
ABGA's Choice
Klaytn’s Choice
Iskra’s Choice
CESS’s Choice
Sui Game
Demo Day
Marina Bay Sands, Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
11-12th, Sept 2023 13:30 – 18:00
Total Award Pool Size: Cash $90,000 + Investment Amount $2 Million
1.Cash Reward : $80,000
2.Google Cloud Credits & Technical Mentorship from Google Cloud
3.Investment Opportunities
4.Eco-Support from ABGA, Klaytn, Iskra and CESS
5.Audit Discount For Winning Teams
Hackathon Purpose
The Web3 Gaming Hackathon aims to recognize teams with exceptional potential and drive the further development of the Web3 gaming industry. Participants will have the unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, skills, and vision by developing groundbreaking games that leverage blockchain technology and Web3 principles. Outstanding teams will be rewarded with a substantial prize pool, including cash prizes, Google Cloud credits, funding opportunities, and valuable partnerships, empowering them to advance their projects and contribute to the evolution of Web3 gaming.
With traditional game developers and companies increasingly embracing Web3 Gaming, innovative game modes are attracting a growing number of players. This year’s resurgence of fully on-chain games underscores the immense potential of Web3 gaming, which we are determined to explore and harness fully.
Submission Period
July 17th – August 20th, 2023
Review and Judge
August 23th – August 24th, 2023
Online Semi-Final
Online Semi-Final
Pre-final Warm-up
September 6th, 2023 (South Korea)
Final / Winners Announced
September 11th, 2023 (Singapore)
Hackathon Judge Group
Top 25 Teams
In random order
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