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Bing Ventures
Bing Ventures is a crypto VC fund supporting early-stage projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The founding team are from top financial institutions such as JPMorgan and Standard Chartered Bank. Investment themes include Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3.0, Gaming and Metaverse
Deepcoin is a leading derivatives cryptocurrency exchange committed to providing users with a secure, efficient, and innovative trading experience while known for its relentless innovation and long-term value proposition.
Klaytn is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain that delivers scale and speed for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse.
big candle capital
BCC capital is an ever-growing Financial Investment firm operating independently and entirely dedicated to bootstrapping digital innovation, particularly in areas of #P2E Game, NFT, Metaverse&Web3
infinity ventures capital
Innovating, venturing, and catipulting forward the next generation of teams/companies
YGGSEA is the first SubDAO of YGG, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for acquiring and managing non fungible tokens (NFTs) used in the Metaverse.
A subsidiary of Hatten Land, focusing on mining, NFT, games, metaverse, etc.. It is planning to make Malacca a virtual future city.
Mint Ventures
Mint Ventures is a research-driven venture firm that specializes in cryptocurrency and early-stage blockchain projects.
PLUTUS.VC is a next generation Innovation Venture Fund. PLUTUS.VC fund primarily focused in China and USA innovations, but do seek deals Worldwide.
Westworld Capital
Westworld Capital was founded in 2020 and has grown into a leading Investment Company.
KOI Capital
KOI Capital is a team of blockchain investors and builders based in South East Asia. We believe that decentralization has the power to transform the global economy and the very fabric of the internet.
Avatar is the leading blockchain fund that invests in NFT games & art. It has a dynamic team with vast experiences in financial and blockchain investments
Waterdrip Capital
Waterdrip Capital was founded in 2017 by the most forward-thinking Chinese blockchain pioneers. It is an international investment institution focusing on blockchain industry.
Meta Estate
A full-service company that can help anyone build a presence in the metaverse.
Chain Capital
Chain Capital is a Crypto Fund, Focusing on the Blockchain Infrastructure, Web3, Defi, Gamefi, Metaverse, and NFT. Invested in more than 200 projects.
Bitrise Capital
Bitrise Capital is a blockchain venture capital institution focusing on the blockchain infrastructure, Web3.0, DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse.
Cryptomeria Labs
Cryptomeria Labs is a venture studio powered by Cryptomeria Capital that focuses on the development of products and IP in the metaverse.
FBG Capital
A fund manager focusing on the blockchain industry.
Spark Digital Capital
Spark Digital Capital is a research focused crypto fund based in New York that invests in the future of blockchain and tech.
A blockchain gaming launchpad focused on growing the Enjin ecosystem and the metaverse.
The9 aims to become a global diversified high-tech Internet company, and is engaged in blockchain business including the operation of cryptocurrency mining and a Non-Fungible Token platform NFTSTAR.
YGG is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based economies. We are the settlers of new worlds in the metaverse.
MEXC Pioneer
MEXC Pioneer is a platform designed to give new projects, innovators, and entrepreneurs the tools necessary to turn their dreams into reality.
Monsta Chain
Monsta Chain aim to develop a complete and self-sustaining financial blockchain ecosystem that is optimized for blockchain gaming to create a base layer on developing a unique metaverse.
Protocol Labs
Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin,libp2p, and many more.
KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for over 500 digital assets. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin now serve 8 million users across 207 countries and regions around the world.
Huobi Ventures
Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group that focuses on global investments and aims to drive growth for Huobi Group and create a global ecosystem with our partners.
aelf is a high-performance layer 1 blockchain designed to power the development of Web3 and support its continuous advancement into the future. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, aelf is one of the pioneers of the mainchain-sidechain architecture concept.
AI Meta Club is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform that brings together like-minded individuals who are passionate about exploring the potential of AI and Metaverse technologies. Its primary goal is to promote the integration of AI and Metaverse, driving innovation and collaboration within the rapidly growing digital landscape.
Planet Hares
Planet Hares is a metaverse ecosystem platform that empowers Web3 projects based on blockchain technology and entertainment culture. It aims to create a diverse and open metaverse by integrating various communities and organizations, providing entertainment application scenarios and services.
Cross The Ages
Cross The Ages is a project that today resonates like a hymn to humanity. Cross The Ages began as a gathering of talents and personalities. Today, the team includes over 80 internationally renowned artists who design the cards for Cross The Ages: TCG, and 190 people on board to produce the various aspects of the project.
BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform for GameFi ecosystem providing a user-friendly platform. We aim to build the Web3 GameFi portal infrastructure to enable access to NFT and open metaverse.
Mirror Planet
Mirror Planet is an Augmented Reality Web3 Metaverse game. The game is designed as a replicated version of the earth with actual street and buildings. It encourages players to bring their real lives into the game and make financial gains through outdoor exploration.
DeepBrain Chain
DeepBrain Chain contains three important parts: high-performance computing network, blockchain mainnet and GPU computing mainnet.
Lead Capital
Lead Capital is a venture capital company, focusing on the crypto market.
UKISS is on a mission to make Web3 user-custodied digital assets and data security easy and convenient for everyone, by simplifying the complicated private key self-management processes.
Mythic Protocol
“Mythic Protocol” is a gameplay-focused franchise that leverage web3 technologies to deliver unparalleled collaborative experiences.
Lingose aims to establish a Game ID protocol bound by smart contract, which can award on-chain credentials by capturing the behaviors in your Web3 adventure.
FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse gaming world inspired by the legendary Sci-Fi movie READY PLAYER ONE.
2140 Ventures
2140 Ventures,Cryptoassets and beyond。The year 2140 marks the end of the Bitcoin block reward and will be an important milestone in the development of human society.
KLAYDICE is a DICE-to-Earn project based on Klaytn. DICE serves as a key currency within the various KLAYDICE game ecosystems. KLAYDICE provides global users with easiest and the most convenient opportunity to access to the blockchain.
Castbox Guru Network is responsible for one of the largest pure play podcast players in the world. Castbox has over 40 million users in 175 countries, and has an audio content library of over 250 million episodes.
X Rush
X Rush is a casual shooting & racing gamefi project powered by Unity 3D engine and compatible with web3 wallets.
IBG want to build a vision for the future crypto world. Focused on #DeFi, #NFT, #DAO #WEB3 #LAYER2.
Atlantis Metaverse
The Atlantis Metaverse was born with a mission to create an open Metaverse, Atlantis is more than just a fantasy-themed strategy game with a deep setting and story line. Atlantis also aims to become a decentralized society, where users are the builders of that society.
Metagame Arena
Metagame Arena is an on chain mobile and web game developer with a professional ACGN Art team.
NFTb is the Platform for Digital Ownership. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.
CryptoBuddy – Your ultimate platform to keep track of critical crypto events, perform quality research and never lets you miss an opportunity!CRYPTOBUDDY
Strategic partner
Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and Als to individuals, companies, and governments on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.
Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology, and tools that help developers build more sustainably. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.
Media & community partners
YODA labs
Yoda Labs is a premier destination for Web3 gaming enthusiasts, providing unparalleled access to the most relevant and up-to-date information in Web3
Moledao is a community to connect and develop budding entrepreneurs, facilitating collaborative efforts towards building the Web 3 ecosystem.
Coinlive is a one-stop news and cryptocurrency data independent portal serving the Asian market.
Founded in 2016, JinseFinance is a Chinese leading integrated information service platform of blockchain and crypto industry
Nova Club
Nova Club is an investment ecosystem alliance made up of the best and most highly reputed blockchain organizations in the world.
Blockcast.cc is a broadcasting news source for the blockchain community. Founded in Singapore and has a network of contributors in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia. We aim to bring you the latest blockchain insights across the globe.
Cointelegraph China
Cointelegraph China is an international media platform established in December 2019.Based on the Chinese speaking areas ,we keep Cointelegraph’s principle of realtime objective and truthful reporting,cultivating orginality and linking the world
Footprint Analytics
Footprint Analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform to visualize blockchain data and discover insights. It cleans and integrates on-chain data so users of any experience level can quickly start researching tokens, projects and protocols.