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ABGA February Monthly Report & Member Chronicle

Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of Feb 28, the content of the member newsletters in the February monthly report is mainly provided by the following eleven members from the ABGA ecosystem: IOST, BKEX, Waterdrip Capital, Enjinstarter, MetaEstate, Chain Capital, Mint Ventures, Bing Ventures, DeepBrain Chain. We will provide an English version for this part. If you have any cooperative intentions, welcome to contact us through


1. On Feb 9, IOST appointed Blake Jeons as Co-CEO of the company(see more here:

2. On Feb 10, CoinTrade and “MOPPY,” a point-earning site with 9 million users, now support converting points into IOST coins. (see more here:

3. On Feb 15, IOST Mainnet Transactions Breaks 700 Million Milestone.

4. On Feb 21, Bitget is launching IOST soon on the spot market.

5. On Feb 21, IOST featured as an HK project by Nabox

6. On Feb 23, IOST was featured as a top China narrative coin by ICO Drops.

7. On Feb 24, IOST launched On-Chain Governance Mechanism v2.0 for Enhanced Community Participation. (see more here:

8. On Feb 27, IOST mainnet welcomes its Happy 4th anniversary.


1. BKEX LABS reached a cooperation with demixlabs and jointly held afterparty in South Korea.

2. BKEX LABS has reached a strategic cooperation with the MOVE accelerator, and will continue to provide support and empowerment for high-quality projects under the MOVE language ecology in the future.

3. BKEX LABS has reached a strategic cooperation with BSC STATION, a DeFi and NFT infrastructure service platform, to strengthen cooperation in IDO.

4. BKEX LABS and NULS have reached a cooperation, and will jointly promote community growth and ecosystem development in the future.

5. BKEX LABS completed the strategic investment in the Web3 accelerator WEB3Port to help the development of blockchain start-ups.


1.As part of its endeavours to fight climate change, Enjinstarter is collaborating with The Storey Group and also experienced a walkthrough of their amazing initiative of restoring the mangrove forest at Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary (and other parts of the world) in partnership with Major Ali Al Suwaidi of the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG).

2.On Feb 3, Enjinstarter joined as one of the event partners in the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Night.

3.OneRare has partnered with Nestle to bring MAGGI into their Foodverse.

4.$200,000 in Crypto and NFTs is expected to be given away as Galaxy Fight Club announced the Largest Cross-IP Web3 Tournament in 2023, where top-tier NFT projects will come together to compete.

5.As Web3 and metaverse innovators, both Enjinstarter and LandVault have forged this partnership to scale their collective value creation across the region.

Chain Capital

1. The invested company filswan made the latest announcement on the financing. Binance labs led the investment, followed by Chain Capital and other institutions.

2. Chain Capital participated in a special road show in Japan and conducted in-depth research on the Japanese market.

Bing Ventures

News & Events

1. On February 9, Bing Ventures held the first session of its new Twitter Space series — All Things Decentralized. The session, which talked about AI and the Metaverse, featured entrepreneurs, media leaders and core community members from SeeDAO, ABGA, Foresight News, Cointelegraph China and GWG.

2. Bing Ventures cohosted HiBlock Demoday II on February 22 where seven selected startups presented to a group of leading VCs.

3. Bing Ventures was a proud sponsor of Afflux Japan Demoday held on February 28th. The representative of the team shared opinions of the Japanese market and was judge for the “NFT, GameFi and Metaverse” section.

Research & Thought Leadership:

1. Bing Ventures released a research article on the decentralized social networks sector which explored how good decentralized social networks are solving the legacy problems of Web2 platforms especially on censorship resistance by examining three representative protocols. You can read it here:


1. Bing Ventures has been nominated Top Web3 Investment Institutions of the Year of PANews’ PARTY Award (PANews’ Retrospect of the Year).

DeepBrain Chain

1.On February 9th, DBC founder Feng held an AMA on Huobi Live on the topic of AI token DBC, focusing on answering the community’s questions about DBC’s relationship with chatGPT and AIGC.

AMA review (text):

AMA video:

2.In order to stimulate the community and help the DBC global community members get a deeper understanding of the future of DeepBrain Chain in the new era of ChatGPT4, the DBC Council has decided to hold an essay contest with prizes to give out from 2023–02–01 to 2023–02–28.

Please see details at:深脑链社区有奖征文比赛-f819c7497429

3.The tenth meeting of the DBC Council was held on February 15th, which focused on how to use the Council’s mechanism to expand the impact of DBC; see details at:

4.On February 17th, DeepLink was featured in a video report by India’s e-sports veteran with 700,000 followers, which received an overwhelming response. Watch the video:

5.On February 20th, DBC and Gate Exchange held an AMA with the theme of “AI & ChatGPT”, which received a great response, see details:

Link to video:

6.On February 21st, DBC was listed on BitMart exchange; see:

7.On February 23rd, DBC founder Feng was invited to attend the Hua Wei Cloud APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023, where Hua Wei Cloud joined forces with DeepBrain Chain, Polygon and other organizations to establish the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance.

Waterdrip Capital

1. On February 4th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme of “Web3 Global University Tour: North America Station”.

2. On February 17th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme of “Who is the King in the Space Full-Chain Cross-Chain Contest”.

3. On February 18th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme of “Web3 University Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program Registration Closing Station”.

4. On February 23, OmniBOLT announced that it has received investment from Waterdrip Capital, Danhua Capital and other institutions.

5. On February 28, Waterdrip Capital announced the official opening of the Web3 Entrepreneurship Program, with more than 150 students in the first phase.

6. On February 28, Waterdrip Capital organized the opening meeting of the Entrepreneurship Program. The first course “Blockchain Industry Development” was mentored by Waterdrip Capital co-founder Jademont.


1. On Feb 14, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, MetaEstate jointly held a romantic Giveaway with EverlandDAO and EstateTrader.

2. On Feb 15, MetaEstate jointly organized the Twitter space with Nova Global and Metainsight and invited many influencers.

Mint Ventures


1. On Feb 7th, Mint Ventures was invited by SeeDAO to attend a Twitter Space, further digging into the potential of AI+Web3 after the big wave brought by chatGPT.

2. On Feb 15th, Mint Ventures was invited by 7UpDAO’s Twitter Space, aiming at the trendy project Blur to make some predictions about the next NFT marketplace Giant.

3. On Feb 23rd, Mint Ventures was invited to a Twitter Space held by Followin to brainstorm who will be the next lead DeFi Derivatives Market.

4. 造浪Web3 Play DAO全国行 Hangzhou Station, an offline Blockchain Conference, took place on 24th February, the Research Partner of Mint Ventures was invited and exchanged some experience on Web3-related investment.


1. Research Report Published: Super Bowl Advertiser Limit Break and Its Digi NFTs: A True Web3 Gaming Paradigm Shift

2. WEB3 Mint To Be Podcast update:

– Everything About zkEVM: From the Current Dilemma and Potential Competitors to Future Path

– NFTGo: Build a Product that Sells Itself

3. Web3 Founders Real Talk #03: NFTGo: Build a Product that Sells Itself

We are here to unveil the backstage story of NFTGo, the go-to NFT analytic tool built for strategizing NFT-related investment. Even under the unpredicted NFT market, NFTGo still cut a figure by constantly polishing its own product.’