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ABGA January Monthly Report & Member Chronicle

Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of Jan 31, the content of the member newsletters in the January monthly report is mainly provided by the following eleven members from the ABGA ecosystem: Waterdrip Capital,  Enjinstarter, MetaEstate, Polygon, Bitrise Capital, Mint Ventures, Bing Ventures, NFTb, Klaydice, Mythic Protocol and DeepBrain Chain. We will provide an English version for this part. If you have any cooperative intentions, welcome to contact us through


1. On January 4, MetaEstate announced a strategic cooperation with MetaOasis DAO.

2. On January 5th, MetaEstate, Cointelegraph Chinese, Jinse Finance and PANews jointly held the “Women in Web3: Let Web3 see the power of women” Twitter Space online event.

3. On January 6, MetaEstate released the annual summary report MetaEstate 2022 Review.

4. On January 11, Hu Xuebo, a partner of MetaEstate, was invited to participate in the “Game and Social Development NFT Assets” in the top ten core roundtable forums of the “Hong Kong Web3 Innovation Summit”.

5. On January 12, MetaEstate and MetaFu jointly launched the New Year’s special event collecting the Five different “Fu” card.

6. On January 16, MetaEstate, together with EverlandDAO, EstateTrader and MultiverseDAO, jointly launched the New Year Airdrop Campaign.

7. On January 18, MetaEstate won the “Most Influential Comprehensive Project” in the “Blockchain Gaming Award Ceremongy 2022” organized by ABGA.

8. On January 30, MetaEstate and Smugbunny reached a strategic cooperation and launched an airdrop.


1.On Jan 6, Mastercard is launching a spotlight program for emerging musical artists built on the Polygon blockchain to help up-and-coming creators tap into the power of Web3 and blockchain technologies.

2.On Jan 12, Polygon issued an article illustrate the Hardfork, named Hardfork Incoming: Upgrading Polygon PoS Chain to Boost Performance. (See more information here:

3.On Jan 17, as is shown on Polygon analytics, Reddit is about to hit 6 MILLION unique holders of their Avatar NFTs on Polygon.

4.On Jan 18, NatGeo launched inaugural NFT collection on Polygon, in collaboration with SnowcrashNFT to commemorate their 135th anniversary.

5.On Jan 24, Polygon reached cooperation with Fractal. (See more informaton here:

6.On Jan 26, Polygon overtook Ethereum in daily active users.

Bitrise Capital

1. On January 3, Bitrise Capital Cofounder Kevin Shao was invited to participate in the Nova Global Investment Strategy Private Session (Phase 1) Twitter Space.

2. On January 3rd, Bitrise Capital Cofounder Kevin Shao was invited to participate in iPollo Space, with the theme: The 14th Anniversary of BTC: Where is the Road to Web3? The 14th Anniversary of BTC: Where Is the Way of Web3?

3. On January 6, Bitrise Capital Cofounder Kevin Shao was invited to participate in the “Web3 Entrepreneur’s Guide to Going to Sea – Xinmatai Station” Twitter Space.

4. On January 18, Bitrise Capital won the “Most Influential Investment Institutions” in the “Blockchain Gaming Award Ceremongy 2022” organized by ABGA.

Mint Ventures


1. On Jan 4th, Mint Ventures was invited by KNN3 Network to attend a Twitter Space under the theme of Which Fi will be the hottest trend in 2023?

2. On Jan 30th, Mint Ventures was invited by @youyou5202, an influencer on Twitter, to have a well-rounded discussion about the game Dookeycash presented by YugaLabs in his Space.

3. On Jan 31st, Mint Ventures was invited to a Twitter Space held by Old Fashion Research, sharing our own expectations of NFT-Fi in 2023.


1. WEB3 Mint To Be Podcast update:

– What’s the next wave of NFT in the upcoming year?

– A closer look at DID: from its fundamental conception to its future vision.

– A deep review of 2022 and a quick outlook for 2023.

Bing Ventures

News & Events:

1. On Jan 16, Bing Ventures became a proud supporter of ABGA’s ecological fund to advance the blockchain gaming industry. 

2. On Jan 30, Bing Ventures announced a long-term partnership with Web3 incubator Afflux. The two will work together to empower startups and entrepreneurs to build great Web3 brands.

Research & Thought Leadership:

1. An in-depth research report that Bing Ventures produced on ZK Rollups made into the Top Stories of the Day on Hackernoon. Read it here:

2. Bing Ventures published its 2022 Retrospective and 2023 Outlook report that delves into the driving forces behind the crypto bull run in 2022 and assesses six narratives worth paying attention to in 2023. Read the report here:

3. Bing Ventures contributed insights to TradeDog’s Crypto Recap 2022.


On Jan 17, Bing Ventures was awarded as one of the “Most Influential Investment institutions” at the Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022 Asia held by ABGA.


1.NFTb collectable marketplace expanded to Polygon and opened new NFT artist in-take

2.NFTb started offering gaming project design services through in-house designers (skins, visuals, graphics etc.)

3.NFTb incubated Yoda Labs, Web3 Gaming Research and Media HUB, reached 500 subscribers in 1 week

4. Yoda Labs first Exclusive Spotlight (game review) with Katana INU reached 10k views


  1. From January 31, KLAYDICE integrates DICAST GOLD, the current WEB.3 P2E version, and DICAST: Rules of Chaos, the original WEB.2 version. Due to this integration, 1 million global users who are using DICAST: Rules of Chaos, the original version of WEB2, can enjoy P2E!

Mythic Protocol

  1. Mythic Protocol focus on developing the Alpha version of the game, they are planning to showcase the game in Game Developer Conference and PAX East next month in US to start building presence to the core gamer and gaming media through offline events.

DBC(DeepBrain Chain)

1. On Jan 11, DBC(DeepBrain Chain) issued New treasury proposal No52. In order to create a buzz in the DBC community, they are requesting a grant for a DBC promotional article written by Jason Lee. Details on-chain:

2. On Jan 13,  DBC(DeepBrain Chain) issued a New treasury proposal No 53. The proposal is to open the UNISWAP pool for the convenience of overseas users to purchase DBCs.

Details of the proposal:

3. On Jan 4, DBC Council held its ninth council meeting. During the meeting, Feng, the founder of DBC, shared the latest outlook on DBC and Deeplink. The meeting summary can be found at:

4. A strategic partnership between DBC+DeepLink and SpaceUP Metaverse has been created to help SpaceUp build a cloud-based rendering metaverse.

Waterdrip Capital

1.On Janu 3, Jademont, co-founder of Waterdrip Capital, was invited to attend the Nova Global Investment Strategy Private Sharing Session.

2.On Jan 7, Waterdrip Capital officially announced the launch of a $10 million Web3 Entrepreneurship Fund for universities and launched the first phase of the scholarship program.

3.On Jan 8, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “Sounding the Horn for Web3 University Entrepreneurship in 2023.”

4.On Jan 16, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “Sounding the Horn for University Entrepreneurship in Web3 Global Universities – Hong Kong Station.”

5.On Jan 17, FilSwan announced the completion of a $3 million financing round led by Binance Labs and SNZ Holdings, with participation from Waterdrip Capital.

6.On Jan 20, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “Web3 University Power Dialogues Industry OG – Hong Kong Station.”

7.On Jan 24, Waterdrip Capital and 01a1 jointly held an NFT Give Away event.


Enjinstarter has created an initiative, the project is called The Afterburner, its aim is to traverse through web3’s uncharted territory to help people and crypto users make sense of it while learning about the new tools and methodologies that make web3 crucial in driving innovation throughout the industry. To stay in the loop for recent developments, follow The Afterburner here: