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ABGA March Monthly Report & Member Chronicle


To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of March 31, the content of the member newsletters in the March monthly report is mainly provided by the following eight members from the ABGA ecosystem: IOST, BKEX, Waterdrip Capital, Enjinstarter, MetaEstate, Mint Ventures, Klaytn & Krust, Mythic Protocol. We will provide an English version for this part. If you have any cooperative intentions, welcome to contact us through


1.IOST Announces Strategic Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Foster Web 3.0 Development, see details here:

2.Huobi Global just listed IOST under the Hong Kong trading Zone

3.Boosty Labs and IOST, a Growth Partnership for Developer Community and Incubation Program, see details here:

4.Video interview from OKCoin Japan with our inspiring co-CEO, Blake, see details here:


1.Enjinstarter has announced their strategic partnership with Masary Capital, a renowned JV and consulting platform in UAE.

2.Plutonians Alpha was live on March 31st.

3.Together with trusted partner Casper Network, BitHotel has been building all sorts of new Bit hotel features and technology.


1. As a Layer1 blockchain, Klaytn try to achieve verifiable and collective vision through its efforts. Klaytn’s new proposal, KGP-7, proposes a procedure for the selection and dismissal of Klaytn GC members. On April 13th, KGP-7 was declared to be passed. KGP-7 as part of the decentralization process of Klaytn, it is expected that the following procedure for GC selection and dismissal can ensure transparency and enable community engagement. (see more about proposal here:

2. On April 17th, Kore Hardfork 1.10.2 has been live on Cypress, meaning approx. 5 billion of the reserve has been burnt (+ rebalancing of the ecosystem fund wallets). This action starting with $KLAY burning and treasury rebalance was to give message of taking concrete steps towards having sustainable and sound tokenomics, given on Klaytn’s 2023 roadmap. (see more about Klaytn’s 2023 roadmap here:

Mythic Protocol

1. Mythic Protocol is still focused on developing the Alpha version of the game, they are planning to showcase our game at Game Developer Conference and PAX East next month in US to start building our presence to the core gamer and gaming media through offline events.


1. BKEX LABS joins the Move Accelerator to provide comprehensive support for the Move language ecology, including investment, technology, currency listing, and brand promotion.

2. Klaydice, a project previously invested by BKEX LABS, was listed on Bithumb Exchange in South Korea.

3. BKEX LABS completed the investment in Phaver and 0xPass to help the development of blockchain start-up projects.

4. BKEX LABS cooperates with Oreoswap under the Arbitrum ecology in the market, and jointly airdrops the project tokens.

5. BKEX LABS and Asia’s top Web3 summit FomoAsia jointly conduct marketing.

Waterdrip Capital

1. On March 2, Waterdrip Capital announced to join Map Protocol’s verification node network.

2. On March 5, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “AMA: Breaking into the Web3 Industry”.

3. On March 5, Elaine, the investment manager of Waterdrip Capital, participated in the “VC Observation Behind the ETHDenver 2023 Conference” Twitter Space event organized by Foresight News.

4. On March 9, Fountain, a paid blogging project on the Lightning Network, announced the completion of financing, and Waterdrip Capital participated in the investment.

5. On March 11, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “AMA: The Bitcoin Lightning Network”.

6. On March 15th, Waterdrip Capital announced the cooperation with IKA Block to hold the IKA Block Hong Kong Web3 Demo Day.

7. On March 25th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “WWE After Class AMA №4-Cloud Storage Track Chance”.


1.On March 6, MetaEstate reached a cooperation with Marketing Knock Token DAO, and MetaEstate became the global metaverse ecological service provider of Marketing Knock Token DAO.

2.On March 9th, MetaEstate, Property Guru and MarsBit hosted the online summit “The New Boundary of the Digital Age: The Future and Opportunities of Web3.0” on Twitter Space, which attracted more than 7,000 viewers.

3.On March 14, MetaEstate and METABIT became partners, and the two parties will work together to build the Metaverse ecology.

4.On March 25th, MetaEstate and Property Guru co-hosted the “New Challenges, New Opportunities” Southeast Asia Real Estate Summit in Singapore, and the response was overwhelming.

5.On March 25th, MetaEstate built a metaverse exhibition in Voxels that can be linked with the “New Challenges, New Opportunities” Southeast Asia Real Estate Summit, and launched a metaverse treasure hunt activity in the metaverse exhibition.

6.On March 25, Kevin Ren, the founder of MetaEstate, announced at the “New Challenges, New Opportunities” Southeast Asia Real Estate Summit that MetaEstate will launch AI metaverse products.

Mint Ventures


1. On March 2nd, Mint Ventures was invited to a Twitter Space hosted by NswapCN to have a discussion around the platform “Ordinals” and the future potential of launching NFT on the Bitcoin chain.

2. On March 3rd, Mint Ventures was invited by 7UpDAO to brainstorm the possible new Stablecoin narrative as the LQTY was officially launched in Binance.

3. On March 13th, Mint Ventures participated in a Twitter Space on Artificial Intelligence held by Ascendant under the theme of AIGC/AGI Will AGI be the Disrupter to Web3?

4. On March 21st, Mint Ventures had an interview with Invezz Podcast, having a well-round conversation about the crypto industry, from the shocking accidents of 2022 to the more and more strict regulatory environment as well as some unique features of crypto VC, the next trend and so much more.


1. Mint Clips Published:

– Thoughts on Blur Boom

– An Exploration of Risk-Free Rate in the Crypto World

2. WEB3 Mint To Be Podcast update:

– Everything about Web3 Gaming: from its unique features to the future potential of ecology