Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member’s newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of July 31st, the content of the member newsletters in the July monthly report is mainly provided by the following eleven members from the ABGA ecosystem: IOSTBKEXWaterdrip CapitalKuCoinMetaEstatePolygonBitrise CapitalChain CapitalMint VenturesKlaytn & Krust and NFTb. We will provide both English and Chinese version for this part. Any interested projects is welcome to contact us.

ABGA Member News/Events:

Klaytn & Krust


① Earlier this year, Klaytn upgraded mainnet to achieve Ethereum equivalence; As such, Klaytn currently supports the latest Ethereum London Fork seamlessly.

② Klaytn is POS (Proof of Stake) which have low gas fee (0.0025 USD, 25 May, 3rd among all mainnets), 4,000 TPS and 1 second throughput such advantages.


① Adopted the approach of carefully onboarding a selective few trustworthy and reputable organizations as Klaytn’s public nodes.

Chain Capital

1. Chain Capital invested in the CEBG project

2. Released Global Game and #GameFi Regional Market Report Series — Vietnam(Part1): Vietnam Game Industry


1. Polygon hosted Green Blockchain Summit 2022 on July 13 Wed. The open forum for a decentralized collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs to come together and ensure long-term sustainability across web3 and beyond.

2. On July 13, 2022, Disney Accelerator Participants Announced. This year’s Disney Accelerator class is focused on building the future of immersive experiences and specializes in technologies such as augmented reality (AR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and artificial intelligence (AI) characters.

3. India’s largest e-retailer partners with Nothing to launch NFT on Polygon on July 14 – FireDrops.

4. On July 20, Polygon announced a giant leap forward for Ethereum scaling and ZK innovation. Polygon zkEVM, the first EVM-equivalent ZK L2.

5. July 27, Mercedes Benz launches a blockchain-based data sharing platform.

6. Polygon BUIDLIT Hackathon, as one of the largest Web3 hackathons in the world, project submissions started on June 15th and ended on August 1st, with a prize of $500,000.

7. July 26, Polygon DAO launches Village Wonders.


1. On July 28, CoinTrade starts a staking service of $IOST with up to 12% APR. IOST has become one of the 2 tokens in Cointrade’s special premiere staking service.CoinTrade is the 5th exchange that listed IOST in Japan, with an exclusive list of 8 coins in total.

2. IOST Joins Binance Lite Referral— Refer & Win Mystery Boxes! In this campaign, both the inviter and invitee will receive a mystery box reward with tokens. It ends on August 12!

3.15 July 2022, Omochi Ltd., CEO: Tomohisa Iwamoto, a web system developer, has officially announced the release of “tomonity”, an NFT marketplace powered by the IOST blockchain.

4. IOST/USDC spot trading pair now available on OKX Exchange.


1.NFTb have successfully onboarded over 30 amazing projects and still counting! Here are 5 out of the many projects that will go live on NFTb MetaMarket in early August, including X Metaverse, Dvision, Fight Of The Ages, Tap Fantasy and X World Games.

2. On July 31st, NFTs from their INO on NFTb will be listed in early August.


1. Establishment of BKEX branch in Malaysia

2. BKexLabs has carried out incubation work in an all-round way

3. BKEX trading experience is fully optimized and upgraded

4. Crazy contract upgrade and revision

5. Contract market Open Api released

6. BKEXWeb financial management has been fully upgraded and revised

7. Version 2.0 of BKexLabs official website is online

8. CMS has fully launched content operations

9. BKEX in-station transfer optimization and upgrade release

10. BKEX Global August Bonus Event Launched

Waterdrip Capital

1. On July 4th, Waterdrip Capital sponsored the FIL Toronto summit & hackathon in Canada.

2. On July 5th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event themed “What’s Next after the DeFi & CeFi Crash?”.

3. On July 21st, MAL Finance, an Islamic encrypted financial gateway, announced the completion of the Pre-Series A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Huobi Ventures and participated by Waterdrip Capital.

4. On July 22nd, Waterdrip Capital sponsored the EthCC afterwork “Cometh boat” event in France with the theme “The Future of NFT-Gaming”.

Bitrise Capital

1. On July 27, the twitter space BRC Web3 Workshop was held with the theme: Talking about Web3 Entrepreneurship and Investment.

2. On July 28th, the BRC VC meetup was held. A total of 5 investment institutions in the industry exchanged and discussed, namely Candaq Capital, Mint Venture, Bitrise Capital, FineWell Capital and 3Beast Capital.


1. July 7th, KuCoin Releases First Half of 2022 Results, Reports $2 Trillion Volumes and 9.75 Million New Users.

2. July 12th, KuCoin Partners with Coinrule to Bring Automated Trading to Its Users.

3. July 12th, KuCoin Into The Cryptoverse Reveals Increase In Number of Saudi Arabian Crypto Investors Adopting Auto-trading Strategies in Bearish Market.

4. July 13th, KuCoin Offers the Highest Maker Rebate of up to 0.012% by Updating Its Market Maker Incentive Program.

5. July 14th, KuCoin Exchange Oversteps 20 Million User Milestone, Announces Commemorative Team Battle Event.

6. July 21st, KuCoin Announces $10 Million Strategic Investment From SIG.

7. July 26th, KuCoin Survey Reveals That Females Are Showing Great Potential in Driving the Development of Web 3.

8. July 27th, KuCoin Pool Sponsors Mining Disrupt 2022 in Miami, Empowering Mining Worldwide.


1. On July 1st, VoxTours, organized by Voxels in conjunction with MetaEstate, MetaCat, MetaverseDAO, MetaLandscape, etc., opened on Vibes Island. VoxTours is a great metaverse fashion show where players can participate in the event to get a large number of metaverse wearables, participate in fashion competitions and get places to get additional dollar rewards.

2. On the evening of July 1st, 2022, the new book-sharing meeting of “Four Sages” (written by Jaspers, translated by Fu Peirong) was held on the metaverse platform CryptoVoxels. At the same time, the theme exhibition “Which Book will Illuminate Your life” also opened on the same day.

3. On July 27th, the ABGA Metaverse Headquarters was built and completed by MetaEstate

4. On July 29th, the “Absolute Meta, Becoming Avatar” Metaverse Forum was held in Holland Village, Singapore. This forum is hosted by MetaEstate, a Metaverse service provider, and Metaverse Real Estate DAO EverLand, co-organized by the Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA), Southeast Asian real estate technology company Property Guru and top car brand Aston Martin, and sponsored by Singapore property developer Far East Organization.

Mint Ventures


① Mint Ventures took part in three Twitter Spaces and spoke up for the Web3 ecosystem.

② On July 23th, Mint Ventures was invited by OasisChina to explore the commercial value of Web3

③ On July 21st, Mint Ventures was invited by EOSFoundationCN to discuss Identity, NFT, Game, Metaverse, and DAO.

④ On July 7th, Mint Ventures attended the Twitter Space with other Top VCs such as Foresight and MCN held by Web3Go Lab with the theme “which track will eventually survive the bear market?

2.Offline Events:

① Mint Ventures is invited to attend Futurist Conference on August 9th, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency & blockchain event.

3. Investment:

① On July 13th, Mint Ventures supported both research and education to improve the adoption of blockchain and WEB3 in academia with ZHEJIANG University, one of the top universities in China.

② Besides, Mint Venture also invested in two new projects, and the details will be revealed soon.

4. Podcast launch:

① Mint Ventures is about to launch Podcast -WEB3 Mint To Be. The program is dedicated to inviting different roles in the ecosystem, bringing financial and Web3 inclusion with entrepreneurs, influencers, builders etc.

Chinese version

Klaytn & Krust


①今年早些时候,Klaytn 升级主网,实现以太坊等价; 值得一提的是,Klaytn 目前支持最新的以太坊伦敦分叉,能够实现无缝衔接。

②Klaytn是POS(Proof of Stake)机制,具有低gas费(0.0025美元,5月25日,在所有主网中排名第三),4,000 TPS和1秒吞吐量等优势



Chain Capital

1. Chain Capital 投资了CEBG项目

2. ABGA和Chain Capital联合发布GameFi研报,标题为《全球游戏和GameFi 领域市场报告系列 – 越南(第一部分):越南游戏产业》


1.Polygon 于 7 月 13 日星期三举办了 2022 年绿色区块链峰会。一个由环保主义者、开发人员和企业家组成的去中心化集体的开放论坛,共同确保 web3 及其他领域的长期可持续发展。

2. 2022 年 7 月 13 日,迪士尼加速器参与者公布。今年的迪士尼加速器课程专注于打造沉浸式体验的未来,并专注于增强现实 (AR)、不可替代代币 (NFT) 和人工智能 (AI) 角色等技术。

3. 7月14日,印度最大的电子零售商与Nothing合作在Polygon上推出NFT–FireDrops。

4. 7 月 20 日,Polygon 宣布了以太坊扩容和零知识创新的巨大飞跃。 Polygon zkEVM,第一个 EVM 等效的 ZK L2。

5. 7月27日,奔驰推出基于区块链的数据共享平台。

6. Polygon BUIDLIT黑客松,作为全球最大的Web3黑客松之一,项目提交于 6 月 15 日开始,8 月 1 日结束,奖金 500,000 美元。

7. 7 月 26 日,Polygon DAO 推出 Village Wonders。


1. 7月28日,CoinTrade开始了$IOST的定投服务,年利率高达12%。IOST已经成为Cointrade特别首发的两种代币之一。CoinTrade是在日本上市IOST的第5家交易所,共有8个币种的独家名单。

2. IOST进入Binance Lite推荐名单——一起来赢盲盒! 邀请者和被邀请者都将获得一个带有代币的盲盒奖励。该活动于8月12日结束!

3. 2022 年 7 月15 日,Omochi有限公司首席执行官:网络系统开发商 Tomohisa Iwamoto 正式宣布由 IOST 区块链驱动的 NFT 交易市场“tomonity”上线。

4. IOST/USDC现货交易对现已在OKX交易所上市。


1.NFTb 已经成功上线了 30 多个项目,并且还在不断增加! 以下是将于 8 月初在 NFTb MetaMarket 上线的众多项目中的 5 个典型项目,包括 X Metaverse、Dvision、Fight Of The Ages、Tap Fantasy 和 X World Games。

2. 7月31日,NFTb上来自其INO的NFT将于8月初上线。






5.合约行情Open Api 发布






Waterdrip Capital

1. 7月4日,Waterdrip Capital赞助了加拿大的FIL Toronto summit& hackathon活动。

2. 7月5日,Waterdrip Capital举办主题为“What’s Next after the DeFi & CeFi Crash?”的Twitter Space活动。

3. 7月21日,伊斯兰加密金融网关-MAL Finance宣布完成Pre-Series A轮融资,本轮融资由Huobi Ventures领投,Waterdrip Capital参投。

4. 7月22日,Waterdrip Capital赞助了法国的EthCC afterwork “Cometh boat”活动,活动主题为“The Future of NFT-Gaming”。

Bitrise Capital

1.7月27日,举办twitter space BRC Web3 Workshop,主题:聊聊Web3创业与投资。

2.7月28日,举办BRC VC meetup,共5家行业内投资机构进行交流探讨, 分别是Candaq Capital、Mint Venture、Bitrise Capital、FineWell Capital和3Beast Capital。


1.7月7日,KuCoin 发布 2022 年上半年报告,累计交易量突破2 万亿美元的交易量和 975 万新用户。

2.7月12日,KuCoin 与 Coinrule 合作,为用户带来自动化交易。

3.7月12日,KuCoin 发布沙特阿拉伯报告。

4.7月13日,KuCoin通过更新其做市商激励计划提供高达0.012%的最高Maker Rebate。


6.7月21日,KuCoin 宣布获得 SIG 1000 万美元战略投资。

7.7月26日,KuCoin 调查显示女性在推动 Web 3 发展方面显示出巨大潜力。

8.7月27日,KuCoin Pool 在迈阿密赞助 Mining Disrupt 2022,赋能全球矿业。



2.2022年7月1日晚,《四大圣哲》(雅斯贝尔斯 著,傅佩荣 译)新书分享会在元宇宙平台CryptoVoxels上举行,同时围绕该书内容策划的主题大展“一本书照亮你我的存在”也在当天开幕。


4.7月29日,“Absolute Meta,Becoming Avatar”元宇宙论坛于新加坡 Holland Village举办。本论坛由元宇宙服务商MetaEstate、元宇宙地产DAO EverLand主办,亚洲区块链游戏联盟ABGA、东南亚房地产科技公司Property Guru和顶级汽车品牌阿斯顿 · 马丁协办,以及新加坡房地产开发商远东机构参与赞助。

Mint Ventures

1.       活动- Mint Ventures受邀参与twitter space活动,积极为行业发声。

① 7月23日,受到Oasis邀请,参加主题为“Blockchain Living- 发现Web3的商业价值”话题讨论。

② 7月21日,受到EOSFoundationCN邀请,参加主题为”身份,NFT, 游戏,DAO宏观元宇宙的微观叙事“ 话题讨论。

③ 7月7日,受到Web3Go Labs邀请,参加主题为” 熊市不慌张,顶级机构看好什么赛道“访谈。

2.       线下

① 受邀8月9日加拿大本地最大区块链活动Futurist Conference。


① 7月13日Mint Ventures助力高校对区块链和Web3的研究,为浙江大学教育基金会捐款。

② 此外,Mint Ventures 已确定对两个项目进行投资,具体细节敬请期待。


① Mint Ventures开通了全新的播客栏目- WEB3 Mint To Be 并将在小宇宙以及apple podcast上线;本播客帮助观众理清行业热点背后的事实,提供穿透事件本身的洞察,引入多元的思考角度。