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ABGA Members JUNE News/ Events Summary for chinese and English version

Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member’s newsletter for  Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of June 30th, the content of the member newsletters in the June monthly report is mainly provided by the following fourteen members from the ABGA ecosystem: IOST, Waterdrip Capital, KuCoin, Polygon, Bitrise Capital, Huobi Ventures, Chain Capital, Mint Ventures, Ulti Arena, NFTb, Atlantis, BKEX, Cryptobuddy and MetaEstate. We will provide both English and Chinese version for this part. Any interested projects is welcome to contact us.

ABGA Member News/Events:


  • On June 14th, 2022, Binance Custody announced official support for deposits and withdrawals for IOST, among other tokens. With this, IOST joins the exclusive list of supported tokens in the secure, regulated, and insured custody service for the safekeeping of virtual assets services for institutional clients provided by Binance UAB, a Lithuanian-registered entity.

Waterdrip Capital

  • On June 12th, Waterdrip Capital hosted a Twitter Space event under the theme “Bear Market Survival Guide”.
  • On June 28th, Peaq, the Substrate-based Web3 IoT economy network, completed a $6.5 million round of funding with Waterdrip Capital’s participation.
  • On June 19th, Waterdrip Capital published a research report on the project entitled “InvArch – Intellectual Property Defender in the Web3 Era”.


  • On June 1st, KuCoin officially launched a decentralized crypto wallet to offer users Web 3.0 services.
  • June 16th, KuCoin into the cryptoverse report: social media is The primary source of information for 72% of crypto investors in South Africa.
  • On June 20th, KuCoin added Brazilian Real (BRL) as the first fiat to support spot trading pairs.
  • On June 28th, KuCoin launched EUR trading pairs to make crypto transactions easier for European markets.


  • Circle adds support for Polygon USDC

Circle has added support for Polygon USDC to its payments and funding platform, enabling faster payments and lower costs for businesses. In addition, Polygon USDC is the first ‘bridged’ version to be supported on the Circle platform, Circle Account and Circle API.

  • Polygon partners with beauty brand Clinique

Clinique and DAZ 3D have assembled the ultimate diverse team of make-up artists to create their first Avatar make-up NFT collection. In addition, Clinique has partnered with Polygon to bring more representation to the metaverse. The NFT is not available through an direct sale, but rather users who sign up to Clinique’s rewards programme have the opportunity to receive one of three versions of the NFT, in addition to 10 years of free product.

  • Polygon ID goes live

On 22 June, Polygon ID was announced as live and newly integrated with Polygon DAO, a self-sovereign identity solution backed by ZK cryptography that offers great potential for DAO governance. Polygon ID gives users complete control over their digital identity, allowing them to prove their identity without revealing any personal information.

  • Coinbase supports access to cryptocurrencies on Polygon’s main network

In July, for eligible Coinbase users, they will be able to access ETH, MATIC and USDC directly on the Polygon mainnet. users will be able to better experience and explore the dApp. In addition, Polygon will be the first network supported by Coinbase for transferring cryptocurrencies.

  • Bentley announces first entry into NFT market

British luxury car brand Bentley has announced the release of a limited edition of NFTs, 208 in total, on the Polygon network in September. Another big brand joins the Polygon family.

  • Polygon Avail testnet is live.
  • Luxury brand Bulgari will cooperate with Polygon to launch the latest high-end jewelry series NFT.

Bitrise Capital

  • Bitrise Capital invested in a decentralized compute layer project, TEA Project, in June, which is a Layer 2, runs fast dApps using blockchain’s security & cloud computing speed. (Twitter: @teaprojectorg)
  • Bitrise Capital hosted a Twitter space: “What is the next BAYC in the bear-market cycle? How to seize the NFT opportunity?”

Huobi Ventures

  • Huobi global launched its new investment department, Ivy blocks, to invest in cryptocurrency projects around the world. It manages more than the US $1 billion of encrypted assets and mainly provides three core services: providing an asset management platform for intelligent defi mining and revenue aggregation, an encryption and blockchain incubator, and an Ivy League laboratory focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency research.
  • YGG, the game Association, announced its cooperation with Solana move to earn app Walken, and has purchased $100000 worth of WLKN tokens and 1700 pairs of Genesis carthletes NFTs for community play and awards. At the beginning of June, Walken completed the financing of $4.7 million, and Huobi ventures and YGG participated in the investment.
  • Kyve network, a decentralized storage solution, announced that it had completed the financing of $9 million led by distributed globally with a valuation of $100million, and the investors included iosg ventures, Huobi incubator, etc. Kyve runs as a DAO and claims that more than 85000 independent users have interacted with the protocol, creating 23.7 million chain events.

Chain Capital

  • Chain Capital and ABGA jointly released a Gamefi research report on 22 June titled “Global Gaming and #GameFi Regional Market Report Series – #Korea (Part 1): Traditional Gaming Giants in Action”.

Mint Ventures

  • Mint Ventures released a new research paper, “Currency Protocol to DeFi Matrix, The Fundamental Study of Frax. Finance”. The report illustrates the core investment philosophy, risk assessment, valuation and other fundamentals and project developments.
  • Mint Ventures invested in another 2 GameFi projects, Ultiverse and Monopoly Millionaire Game. Ultiverse builds the social gaming metaverse, connecting the Web3 to an immersive, fully VR-compatible virtual world, and finally creates a unique MetaFi. MMG is a marine-themed game that involves island construction, cultivating, shooting, and many more. The game is based on BSC Chain’s GameFi-NFT P2E model, where MMG tokens can be obtained by hunting marine creatures in games.
  • From June 21st to 23, Mint Ventures attended Collision, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, as a strategic partner. More than 35,000 attendees, including startup founders, business leaders, investors, scientists, journalists and celebrities, participated in the in-person gathering. Mint Ventures shared insights on WEB3 hype, opportunities and challenges with WEB3 entrepreneurs.
  • On June 27th, Mint Ventures co-organized “Metaverse Magic Castle Day” in Hangzhou, China, discussing the new paradigm and direction of the industry with well-established projects in the industry, industry KOLs, and other key publics.

Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena has released its Q2 progress report, which includes four parts, NFT Marketplace, Proof-of-Gaming, Ultimate Battle Arena and Minionverse:

  • NFT Marketplace

1. Major UI improvements on the Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace

2. MP4 assets are now supported in the Marketplace

3. Multiple currencies-ULTI, BNB, ETH, USDC, USD, and Binance-peg ETH-are now accepted

4. NFT Collections feature was launched

5. Four new IGO partnerships announced

  • Proof-of-Gaming

1. New Proof-of-Gaming landing page

2. PoG 2.0 concept introduced

  • Ultimate Battle Arena

1. $BOV Token launch, the in-game currency of the Ultimate Battle Arena

2. More than 780M $BOV tokens burned!

3. Ultimate Battle Arena full game launch

  • Minionverse

1. Full acquisition of Minionverse: a collection of Free-to-Play trading card games powered by NFT Gaming. Due to this addition, there are four games in the Ulti Arena ecosystem now.

2. Minionverse Private and Presale Rounds raised 300k USD so far.


  • On June 23th, NFTb partnership with Klaytn aims to drive the growth of #metaverse & #GameFi projects on the Klaytn blockchain by providing full-stack NFTb platform solutions.
  • Kucoin NFTB trading competition

NFTb & Kucoin NFT Mystery Box competition with a giveaway reward pool of 1,024,000 $NFTB to qualified Kucoin users is open from Jun 23-30, 10 AM UTC.

  • Coin Marketcap exclusive NFT drop by one of NFTb’s artists.
  • NFTb Gaming MetaMarket closed beta with valuable partner projects go live.


  • Hero rental feature was updated.
  • The mobile version was released for Android.


  • Crazy contract products are launched.
  • Contract lending products are launched.
  • App+web UI visual upgrade.
  • P2P new overseas gold deposit channel is online.
  • The official website of BKexLabs has been fully upgraded.
  • The blind box associates activity has been fully upgraded.
  • BKEX global recruitment opened.


  • Cryptobuddy have made good investments in various nice projects.
  • Cryptobuddy will have v2 release in mid July.


  • MetaEstate has closed a multi-million dollar strategic equity round led by Matrixport and SevenX Ventures, followed by Everest Ventures Group and Y+Ventures, and continued by Cryptogram Venture (CGV), which is a Japanese fund that invested in the previous round. In this round of financing, several partners of crypto investment institutions also participated in the investment as individuals.
  • On June 2nd, the Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Fund research white paper, initiated by EVA Ventures and in charge of the overall editor and edited by MetaEstate, was officially released.
  • On June 10th, MetaEstate’s Metaverse Headquarters for Oasisi Foundation was inaugurated.
  • On June 21st, the MetaEstate headquarters for Desyn was inaugurated.

Chinese version


  • 2022年6月14日,Binance Custody宣布正式支持IOST等代币的存款和提款。由此,IOST加入了立陶宛注册实体Binance UAB的独家代币合作名单,能够为机构客户提供安全规范且有保障的虚拟资产保管服务。

Waterdrip Capital

  • 6月12日,Waterdrip Capital举办主题为“Bear Market Survival Guide”的Twitter Space活动。
  • 6月28日,基于Substrate的Web3物联网经济网络Peaq宣布完成 650 万美元融资,Waterdrip Capital参投。
  • 6月29日,Waterdrip Capital发布项目研报,标题为《InvArch-Web3时代知识产权捍卫者》。


  • 6月1日,KuCoin正式推出去中心化加密钱包,为用户提供Web 3.0服务。
  • 6月16日,KuCoin 发布南非市场报告,社交媒体是南非 72% 加密投资者的主要信息来源。
  • 6月20日,KuCoin 新增巴西雷亚尔 (BRL) 作为首个支持现货交易对的法币。
  • 6月28日,KuCoin 推出关键的欧元现货交易对以促进欧洲加密货币的采用。


  • Circle增加对Polygon USDC的支持

Circle在其支付和资金平台上增加对Polygon USDC的支持,为企业实现更快的支付和更低的成本。此外,Polygon USDC是第一个在Circle平台、Circle Account和Circle API获得支持的“桥接”版本。

  • Polygon与美容品牌倩碧合作

倩碧与DAZ 3D组建了终极多元化的化妆师团队,创造他们的第一个Avatar化妆NFT系列。此外,倩碧还与Polygon合作,为元宇宙带来更多的代表性。该NFT并不是通过直接出售获得,而是签署倩碧奖励计划的用户有机会获得NFT的三个版本之一,此外还能获得10年的免费产品。

  • Polygon ID上线

6月22日,Polygon ID宣布上线并与Polygon DAO完成新集成。Polygon ID是一种由ZK密码学提供支持的自我主权身份解决方案,为DAO治理带来巨大的潜力。Polygon ID能够让用户完全控制他们的数字身份,允许他们在不泄露任何个人信息的情况下证明其身份。

  • Coinbase支持在Polygon主网上存取加密货币


  • 宾利宣布首次进入NFT市场


  • Polygon Avail测试网上线。
  • 奢侈品牌宝格丽将和Polygon等合作推出最新高级珠宝系列NFT。

Bitrise Capital

  • Bitrise Capital在六月投资了一个去中心化计算层Lay2项目TEA Project,这款dapp能够利用区块链的安全性和云计算快速运行。 (Twitter:@teaprojectorg)
  • Bitrise Capital 主持了主题为“熊市周期中的下一个BAYC是什么?如何抓住NFT机会?”的Twitter Space。

Huobi Ventures

  • Huobi Global 推出新的投资部门 Ivy Blocks,用于在全球投资加密货币项目。它管理着超过 10 亿美元的加密资产,主要提供三项核心服务:为智能 DeFi 挖矿和收益聚合提供资产管理平台、加密和区块链孵化器、专注于区块链和加密货币研究的常春藤实验室。
  • 游戏公会 YGG 宣布与 Solana Move-to-Earn 应用 Walken 合作,并已购买价值 10 万美元的 WLKN Token 和 1,700 双 Genesis CAthletes NFT 供社区游玩并获得奖励。6 月初,Walken 完成了 470 万美元融资,Huobi Ventures 和 YGG 等参投。
  • 去中心化存储解决方案 Kyve Network 宣布以 1 亿美金估值完成由 Distributed Global 领投 900 万美元融资,参投方包括 IOSG Ventures、Huobi Incubator 等。Kyve 以 DAO  运行,声称已有超过 8.5 万名独立用户与该协议交互,创造了 2370 万个链上事件。

Chain Capital

  • Chain Capital和ABGA 于6月22日联合发布Gamefi行研报告,标题为《全球游戏和#GameFi领域市场报告系列-#韩国(第一部分):传统游戏巨头的行动》

Mint Ventures

  • Mint Ventures发布新一期研报《从货币协议到DeFi矩阵,多角度解析Frax.Finance》,从核心投资逻辑,风险,估值等项目基本面深入解析了FRAX这一算法稳定币的运作机制和发展现状。
  • Mint Ventures 参投Ultiverse和Monopoly Millionaire Game。Ultiverse是一个AAA元宇宙游戏,由在Gameloft、暴雪、育碧、腾讯等一流游戏工作室的前成员开发。MMG是一系列以海洋为主题的休闲养成游戏,并以P2E提升游戏的趣味性。
  • 6月21-23日,Mint Ventures作为北美科技盛会Collision Partner出席,与现场众多的WEB3创业项目针对WEB3的创业思路,机遇与挑战展开了深度探讨。
  • 6月27日,Mint Ventures作为协办单位参与了由ChainInside、Web3 Analytics、CESS联合主办的「元宇宙奇幻古堡日」研讨会+奇幻夜,业内知名项目、行业KOL、众多从业者齐聚一堂,共同探讨行业新范式、新方向。

Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena发布了第二季度的进展报告,其中包括四个部分,NFT 市场、Proof-of-Gaming、和Minionverse:

  • NFT市场

1. 对Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace 的UI进行重大改进

2. 市场上现在支持MP4资产

3. 现在接受多种货币–ULTI、BNB、ETH、USDC、美元和Binance-peg ETH

4. 推出了NFT收藏功能

5. 官宣了4位新的IGO伙伴

  • Proof-of-Gaming

1. 新的Proof-of-Gaming登陆界面

2. 介绍PoG 2.0概念

  • 终极竞技场(Ultimate Battle Arena)

1. 发布$BOV代币,这款代币是终极战斗竞技场(Ultimate Battle Arena)的游戏货币

2. 超过7.8亿的$BOV代币被销毁

3. 终极战斗竞技场(Ultimate Battle Arena)全系列游戏启动

  • Minionverse

1. 全面收购Minionverse,这是一款由NFT Gaming背书的免费交易卡游戏集合,现在Ulti Arena生态系统中有四个游戏。

2. Minionverse私募轮和预售轮次迄今已筹集了30万美元。


  • 6 月 23 日,NFTb 与 Klaytn 达成合作,旨在通过提供全栈式NFTb平台解决方案,推动Klaytn区块链上#metaverse & #GameFi项目的发展。
  • NFTb & Kucoin 交易大赛

NFTb和Kucoin NFT 神秘盒竞赛于 UTC 时间 6 月 23 日至 30 日上午 10 点开放,奖励池为 1,024,000 $NFTB。

  • 来自NFTb 的一位艺术家为Coin Marketcap 提供独家 NFT空投。
  • NFTb Gaming MetaMarket 封闭测试版和重要的合作项目上线。


  • 游戏内英雄租借功能上线。
  • 针对Android系统的移动版本上线。


  • 疯狂合约产品上线
  • 合约借贷产品上线
  • App+web UI视觉全面升级
  • P2P新增海外入金通道上线
  • BKexLabs官网全面升级
  • 盲盒拉新活动全面升级
  • BKEX开启全球招聘


  • Cryptobuddy对多家优质项目进行投资。
  • Cryptobuddy将在7月中旬发布V2版本。


  • MetaEstate现已完成数百万美元战略轮股权融资,由Matrixport和SevenX Ventures领投、Everest Ventures Group、Y+Ventures等机构跟投, 上轮投资机构日本基金Cryptogram Venture (CGV)继续跟投。本轮融资中,亦有数名加密投资机构合伙人以个人身份参与投资。
  • 6月2日,由EVAVentures发起并负责总体编辑,MetaEstate参与编辑的元宇宙虚拟地产基金研究白皮书正式发布。
  • 6月10日,MetaEstate为Oasisi Foundation搭建的元宇宙总部落成。
  • 6月21日,MetaEstate为Desyn搭建的元宇宙总部落成。