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ABGA Members May Chronicle & Monthly Report

Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of May 31, the content of the member newsletters in the May monthly report is mainly provided by the following eleven members from the ABGA ecosystem: IOST, Waterdrip Capital, Enjinstarter, MetaEstate, Bitrise Capital, Mint Ventures, Bing Ventures, IBG, NFTb, Castbox, BOXTradEx. We will provide an English version for this part. If you have any cooperative intentions, welcome to contact us through


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1.On May 15th, IOST co-hosted the “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Summit” in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as BitValue Capital, Alibaba Cloud, Animoca Venture, Cyberport, RACA, and HashKey.

2.On May 11, IOST announced a partnership with 4everland.

3.On May 17, IOST announced a partnership with CrossSpace.

4.On May 19, IOST successfully launched on Binance Feed.

5.On May 24, IOST empowered MUXIC to establish a prominent Web3 metaverse music platform.

6.On May 25, IOST formed a strategic partnership with DBX Global to drive the integrated development of DID (Decentralized Identity) products and services in Web3.

7.On May 30, IOST and Web3Hub joined forces in Hong Kong, forging a strategic partnership.

8.On May 31, IOST collaborated with Professor Emil Chan, a fintech visionary and digital transformation expert, to establish a premier global Education DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Waterdrip Capital

1.On May 7th, Waterdrip Capital hosted a Twitter Space AMA event titled “Cross-Chain Technology and the Future of the Entire Chain”

2.On May 10th, Waterdrip Capital announced a collaboration with Map Protocol to jointly host the MAPO Seoul Hackathon event.

3.On May 15th, Waterdrip Capital held a Twitter Space event with the theme “The Present and Future of SocialFi.”

4.On May 16th, Waterdrip Capital announced its support for the “Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon (The 2nd)” organized by CGV FoF.

5.On May 19th, Waterdrip Capital initiated the DemoDay event for its scholarship program, where all student teams showcased their research projects.

6.On May 22nd, Waterdrip Capital organized a Twitter Space event with the theme “How to Start a Low-Cost Venture in the Web3 Space: AMA.”


Enjinstarter expressed their love for our oceans this World Oceans Day by introducing Unsinkable — a Marine Conservation Ambassador Campaign. They are searching for 10 passionate individuals to stand up for our oceans. The winners will receive a massive prize and award.

May IDOs Recap: Highlights and Key Updates

1.Unfettered, the groundbreaking role-playing video game that offers an unparalleled decentralized gaming experience on the blockchain, successfully raised $150,000 and was sold out!

2. Orbofi, the AI-asset factory and AI layer for web3, games, and every online community, was sold out and successfully raised $120,000!

3. Eldarun, the AI-Powered medieval RPG based on a storyline with 4K graphics, PvP, and PVE modes, successfully raised $100,000 and was sold out!

Bitrise Capital

1.On May 18th, Bitrise Capital held an event called “Web3 Workshop Twitter Space,” which successfully discussed the development journey of the BRC20 standard in the context of the new narrative. This AMA invited Kevin Shao, the founder of ABGA, Kobe Wu, an investment research analyst at Bitrise Capital, and the highly regarded Web3 host, Nina Xiao’erduo, to share their insights on the Miami Bitcoin Conference.

2.On May 31st, Suki from Bitrise Capital hosted a Twitter Space event in collaboration with Prein, ABGA, and others. The theme of the event was “The Implementation of Hong Kong’s Virtual Asset Regulations on Children’s Day, What Are the Major Benefits?”

Bing Ventures

News & Events

1. On May 25, Bing Ventures held the second episode of its Twitter Space Series All Things Decentralized. The episode dives into the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges of bringing zero-knowledge proofs into the Bitcoin ecosystem. The speakers included Lukas George, Cofounder at ZeroSync; Doug, Chief Scientist at Mystiko Network; David Barreto, StarkNet Developer Advocate at StarkWare and Weiji Guo, cryptography engineer, Web3 builder, and proposer of opZKP. The episode was a great success, tuned in by over 12.5k people. You can listen to it here:

2. On May 23, Bing Ventures announced that it became one of the first batch of members for the expert committee of veDAO. Joining forces with veDAO, Bing Ventures will facilitate a quality exchange of ideas among peers and support the growth of early-stage projects.

3. Bing Ventures’ team attended Bitcoin 2023 in Miami where they met enthusiastic Bitcoiners from all over the world and made new relationships.

Research & Thought Leadership:

Bing Ventures published a research article titled The Potential and Opportunities of Application-specific Chains on Cosmos. The article looks at the inevitable modular future for public blockchains, explores why the Cosmos ecosystem might be a potential winner and introduced promising application-specific chains on Cosmos. You can read it here:


1.On May 8, PreIN was invited to participate in the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s “Hong Kong Digital Economy” theme symposium.

2.On May 9th, PreIN held a Twitter event on “Whether the Brc20 Narrative Driven by MEME Coin is Short-lived”.

3.On May 18th, PreIN held a Twitter event on “How to Get Your First Pot of Gold at MEME Summer”.

4.From May 29th to May 31st, IBG partner Stanty was invited as an institutional judge to attend the Big Demo Day 3 special investment roadshow held in Cyberport.

5.On May 30th, PreIN held a Twitter space event on “What are the major benefits of the implementation of the New Hong Kong Virtual Assets Policy on June 1st”.


1.NFTb has extended the team token lock-up period to june 2024 without claiming any team tokens

2.NFTb is working with BNB chain to become a key gaming HUB in the BNB ecosystem

3.NFTb partnered with Footprint Analytics to bring key gaming industry analytics to NFTb gaming hub


1.Gamefidash participated in several AMAs in Beijing in May.

2.On May 8th,Gamefidash has completed the development of the User profile page. It will help users managing their web3 game assets more effectively.

3.On May 15th, Gamefidash has partnered with Umeta, which has travel assets (Tourist attraction operation right、Resort hotel)around the world, such as Bali, Thailand, Switzerland etc.

4.On May 29th, Gamefidash has partnered with Trekki, Which recently announced the incubation by ( (US.TCOM). Gamefidash will help Trekki bring more use cases and value to Trekki‘s NFT token.


1.On May 10, MetaEstate and MetaBorn entered into a partnership to explore more possibilities in the metaverse field.

2.On May 12, MetaEstate and Assure reached a partnership to jointly explore the metaverse market and provide professional metaverse services to more institutions and communities.

3.On May 17, the Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon (TWSH2), co-organized by MetaEstate, opened, attracting heavyweight attendees such as Japanese government legislators, well-known entrepreneurs and Web3 innovators. The whole event was wonderful and received unanimous praise from the attendees.

4.On May 23, MetaEstate and MKT DAO jointly held the Collab Giveaway NFT for Raffle WL event, attracting many NFT enthusiasts to participate.

5.On May 24, MetaEstate and jointly held the TOKEN RAIN event, and users participated enthusiastically.


1. BOXTradEx X Matr1x Fire Partnership

BOXTradEx will host various engaging activities, focus on community engagement and host esports tournament!

2. Chess of Stars Game Beta Test and Bug Hunting Event

Featuring event a bug hunting activity. Event rewards worth over 1000 USDT, work with communities, KOLs, and guild partners to promote. In result, hundreds participants participated!

3. BOXTradEx’s Participation in InnoVEX Exhibition, Taipei

BOXTradEx has been selected to participate in the InnoVEX Exhibition following the successful conclusion of the event from 30 May — 3 June 2023 in Taipei.

4. BOXTradEx will Attend London Tech Week 2023

5. BOXTradEx has Attend Viva Technology, France

Viva Technology is Europe’s Biggest Startup and Tech Event. BOXTradEx will be in Viva Technology by showcasing our innovations and solutions from 14–17 June 2023.

Join BOXTradEx Discord for more information:

Mint Ventures


From the 19th to 23rd, Mint Ventures attended the EDCON2023 in Montenegro.


1. Research Report Published:

– Unpacking the Potential of Crypto Interest Rate Market with LSD Market Service Provider: Pendle

– An Overview of the Leading Decentralized Stablecoin: Liquity

– pSTAKE Finance: A Multi-chain Liquidity Staking Protocol Backed by Binance

2. 【WEB3 Mint To Be】 Podcast update:

– Another1: Unleashing Web3 and Fashion Success — — Build A Killer Community

– Brainstorm Everything About BRC20: Fall Short or Outperformance?

– Pendle: Building Products that Ride the Wave

3. 【Web3 Founders Real Talk】:

– Another1: Unleashing Web3 and Fashion Success — — Build A Killer Community

We had a fireside chat with Marco, a sneaker lover and CEO of Web3 fashion hub Another1. From kicks to Web3, we covered it all, including how Another1 is blending the physical and digital worlds, and why community is the ultimate secret sauce for Web3&Fashion domination!

– Pendle: Building Products that Ride the Wave

Get ready for an exhilarating podcast episode! Join TN, the CEO of Pendle, as he shares invaluable entrepreneurial wisdom, emphasizes the importance of selective trend-following, and unveils Pendle’s secret weapon for surpassing the competition.