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ABGA Members September News/ Events Summary for Chinese and English version

Leading institutions back Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) in the gaming and blockchain community. We are optimistic about the developments in blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and we are taking the initiative to support ABGA-related activities and investments.

To better promote internal communication among members and to achieve efficient resource matching, ABGA has provided a monthly member’s newsletter for Diamond and Platinum members to update their latest developments. Help people understand the latest industry trends and expand business cooperation opportunities.

As of September 30, the content of the member newsletters in the September monthly report is mainly provided by the following eleven members from the ABGA ecosystem: BKEX, Waterdrip Capital, MetaEstate, Polygon, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, KOI Capital, Mint Ventures, LINGOSE. We will provide both English and Chinese version for this part. Any interested projects is welcome to contact us.


亚洲区块链游戏联盟 (ABGA)作为亚洲游戏和区块链社区的领先机构。我们看好区块链游戏、NFT、元宇宙的发展,积极推进以ABGA为中心开展的活动和投资。



BKEX, Waterdrip Capital, MetaEstate, Polygon, Bitrise Capital, Chain Capital, KOI Capital, Mint Ventures和LINGOSE.这部分内容将以中文展现,如果您有任何感兴趣的项目,欢迎及时和我们联系。

ABGA Member News/Events:


  1. Comprehensive upgrade of ETP product
  2. BKEX live stream went live
  3. Rewards Hub was launched
  4. New multiple languages were launched
  5. Derivatives 2.0 was launched
  6. Labs’ Strategic investment in solsniper
  7. Whole open API of Perpetual Derivatives is available, supporting the cooperation mode between channel partners’ main and sub-accounts
  8. Management Trainee Programme was launched
  9. Derivatives Arena product was launched
  10. Support P2P international service providers
  11. Video clip team was founded
  12. Comprehensive data upgrade of Affiliate architecture system

Bitrise Capital

  1. On September 27, Bitrise Capital co-founder Kevin Shao made a speech at ABGA Blockchain Gaming 2022 Summit, which is hosted by ABGA host, and titled by iPolloverse.
  2. Bitrise Capital supported and participated in the online and offline review of Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 hosted by ABGA and Klaytn.

Waterdrip Capital

  1. On August 31st, Waterdrip Capital announced its support for the Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon hosted by CGC FOF.
  2. On September 6th, Waterdrip Capital supported and participated in the online review of Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022 hosted by ABGA and Klaytn.
  3. On September 6th, Waterdrip Capital sponsored and supported the Momentum Hackathon hosted by Huobi and Evmos.
  4. On September 13, Waterdrip Capital published a research report “Indian Crypto Market Analysis Report: Rapid Growth under Regulatory Uncertainty”.
  5. On September 20, Waterdrip Capital announced sponsorship of the Singapore Token 2049 event.
  6. At 7pm on September 29th, the Web3 Scholarship Program Kick-Off Party hosted by Waterdrip Capital was successfully held at CHIJMES Church in Singapore. The co-organizers included Metis, FavorTube, Tristan Alliance, Casper, TingDAO and FILSWAN.


  1. The list of OG Partners of EverlandDAO was announced, and MetaEstate was elected as the Metaverse Watcher.
  2. In September 2022, MetaEstate and overseas metaverse platform Createra reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will work together to help the development of Createra metaverse and promote the construction of metaverse content.

Chain Capital

  1. On October 8, Chain Capital released the “Global Game and GameFi Regional Market Report (Japan)” on the official Mirror platform.
  2. On October 12, Chain Capital released a research report on the official Mirror platform with the theme of “How to View Popular Types of Blockchain Games from an Investment Perspective”.

Koi Capital

  1. Koi Capital set up a new professional gaming team called Koi Transcend Game (KTG). The team consists of “Honor of King” top player in Malaysia, “Arena of Valor” Rank No.1 in South East Asia, “Mobile Legends” Rank No.1 in South East Asia, and other professional players who have won major international gaming league.
  2. The KTG Gaming team is currently playing Web2 Games and some of the Web3 games for Koi Capital Game-Fi portfolios. The gaming team is playing competitively and it’s good to have professional players to test and feedback for the Web3 games in order to improvise the feasibility of the game and user experiences as a whole.
  3. Koi Capital Portfolio – Monsta Infinite is always building actively and successfully launched their game called Monsta TapWar which allow users to Play-to-Earn. The downloaded users already exceed 20,000 within 3 weeks and currently having 10,000 Daily Active Users.

Mint Ventures

  1. Campaigns:
  2. On Sep 20-22th, Mint Ventures was invited to participate in ELEVATE FESTIVAL 2022,  a tech + arts festival that brought together the world’s most disruptive minds and creative thought leaders.
  3. On Sep 15th,  Mint Ventures was invited as a guest speaker in WEB3 Builder held by 8btc, Maze, and Web3GO Labs, sharing insights on the rising new public chain.
  4. On Sep 28th,  Mint Ventures was invited  to participate in a Chainlink Meetup held by Chainlink, CANDAQ, TSA and ZECREY.
  5. On Sep 8th,  Mint Ventures hosted a Twitter space on Ethereum Merge, Shattering Consensus, or Dawn of a New Feature with Binance.
  6. On Sep 22th, Mint Ventures was invited by Web3GOLabs to share investment thoughts and insights regarding the development of web3 ecosystem in Hangzhou.
  7. Investment:
  8. Mint Ventures has announced a hundred thousand dollar investment in Web3Port, a go-to integrated accelerator for web3 startups, to help more entrepreneurs propel the business forward.
  9. Insights:
  10. Release the project research report: the new issue of Mint Clips “The underlying value of Web3, and how to use it to make good investments? 》This article Mint Clips deeply digs and thinks about an important and simple question: “What is Web3?” and its underlying value in investment.
  11. WEB3 Mint To Be Podcast Update: EP04: Review and Prospects of NFT-Fi
  12. Youtube- WEB3 FOUNDERS REAL TALK coming soon!
  13. Host Singapore offline Polygon Buidlers Jam


  1. LING/USDT is listed on OKX and Bybit, and cooperates with Bybit to hold recharge and bonus activities
  2. To celebrate the launch of LING, an Airdrop event will be held in conjunction with projects such as Tap Fantasy


  1. On Sept. 6, Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) tech teams have recently unveiled the cutting-edge Polygon zkEVM, as well as open-source licensing for the revolutionary Plonky2 proving system.
  2. On Sept. 10, Juno App now supports USDC #onPolygon! Juno provides a checking account to earn, invest, and spend both cash and crypto.
  3. On September 13th, the Green Blockchain Summit Part II is scheduled to be held on September 29th from 11:00-16:00 (ET), open to the public.
  4. On Sept. 12, Starbucks Taps Polygon for Its ‘Starbucks® Odyssey’ Web3 Experience.
  5. Host Singapore offline Polygon Buidlers Jam.
  6. Participate in Singapore Token2049 & Web3 Connect Event.
  7. Cora, head of Polygon China, participated in the ABGA summit on September 27 and delivered a speech.
  8. On Sept.27, Robinhood Selects Polygon to Launch Web3 Wallet Beta.
  9. On Sept. 29, Polygon-Powered Coorest Earns Web3’s First Certified Carbon Standard.
  10. On Sept. 29, Polygon has integrated Push Protocol, previously known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS).
  11. On Sept. 26, apply to Polygon Bootcamp Africa and Kickstart Your Web3 Developer Journey. The eight-week intensive educational course and hackathon combo will put developers in Africa on the Web3 map.

Chinese version










9.Derivatives Arena产品上线




Bitrise Capital

1.9月27日,Bitrise Capital联合创始人Kevin Shao在ABGA区块链游戏2022峰会上发表演讲,该峰会由ABGA主办,iPolloverse冠名。

2.Bitrise Capital支持并参与了由ABGA和Klaytn主办的Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022的线上线下评审。

Waterdrip Capital

1.8月31日,Waterdrip Capital宣布支持由CGC FOF主办的Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon。

2. 9月6日,Waterdrip Capital支持并参与了由ABGA和Klaytn主办的Blockchain Gaming Hackathon 2022的线上评审。

3. 9月6日,Waterdrip Capital赞助并支持了Huobi和Evmos主办的Momentum Hackathon。

4. 9月13日,Waterdrip Capital发表研究报告《印度Crypto市场分析报告:监管不确定下的快速增长》。

5. 9月20日,Waterdrip Capital宣布赞助新加坡Token 2049活动。

6. 9月29日晚7点,Waterdrip Capital主办的Web3 Scholarship Program Kick-Off Party活动在新加坡CHIJMES教堂成功举办,协办方包括Metis,FavorTube,Tristan Alliance,Casper,TingDAO和FILSWAN。


1.EverlandDAO 机构OG Partner名单公布,MetaEstate当选元宇宙守望者。


Chain Capital

1.10月8日,Chain Capital 在Mirror官方平台发布研报Global Game and GameFi Regional Market Report (Japan)。

2.10月12日,Chain Capital在Mirror官方平台发布研报,主题为《如何从投资的角度来看热门类型的区块链游戏》。

Koi Capital

1. Koi Capital成立了一个新的专业游戏团队,名为Koi Transcend Game (KTG)。 该战队由马来西亚《王者荣耀》顶级选手、《Arena of Valor》东南亚排名第一、《Mobile Legends》东南亚排名第一等职业选手组成。

2. KTG Gaming 团队目前正在为 Koi Capital Game-Fi 组合玩 Web2 Games 和一些 Web3 游戏。 游戏团队竞争激烈,专业的玩家进场对 Web3 游戏进行测试和反馈,能够提高游戏的可行性和整体用户体验。

3.Koi Capital Portfolio – Monsta Infinite 一直在积极构建并上线 Monsta TapWar 游戏,该游戏允许用户通过 Play-to-Earn。下载用户在三周内已经超过 20,000,目前每天有 10,000 活跃用户。

Mint Ventures


(1)9月20日-22日,Mint Ventures受邀出席在加拿大多伦多举办的ELEVATE FESTIVAL 2022。

(2)9月15日,Mint Ventures受邀出席由巴比特,Maze,Web3GO Labs主办的Web3 builder,无问西东杭州线下交流分享活动,全面解读新公链的发展现状。

(3)9月28日,Mint Ventures受邀参加由Chainlink,CANDAQ,TSA,ZECREY主办的See you again, Chainlink Meetup 见面会。

(4)9月8日,受币安中文频道邀请作为其Twitter Space主持人以“以太坊分叉:是共识的撕裂还是未来的曙光?” 为主题与嘉宾进行深度交流探讨。

(5)9月22日,受到Web3GOLabs的邀请,以聊聊杭州Web3圈的那些事儿- 项目,风投与人为题分享了目前对于web3创投的理解和进展。


(1)参投Web3加速器项目- Web3Port,为早期项目进入Web3铺平道路,共同发展Web3生态体系。


(1)发布项目研究报告:新一期Mint Clips《Web3的底层价值,以及如何用它做好投资?》本篇Mint Clips对一个重要又简单的问题即:“到底什么是Web3?”以及它的底层价值,在投资中的应用进行了深度挖掘与思考。

(2)WEB3 Mint To Be播客更新:EP04: NFT-Fi的回顾与展望

(3)筹备已久的全新YouTube栏目- WEB3 FOUNDERS REAL TALKS 即将上线,我们将邀请来自web3行业创始团队分享自己的创业心得,交流创业经验。敬请期待!


1. LING/USDT上线OKX和Bybit, 并联合Bybit举行充值送福利活动

2. 为庆祝LING上线, 联合Tap Fantasy等项目一起举行Airdrop空投活动


1.9月6日,Polygon PIL 工具现已开源

2.9月10日,Juno App 现支持 Polygon 网络上的 USDC

3.9月13日,第二届 Polygon 绿色区块链峰会计划于9月29日11:00-16:00(ET)举行,对大众开放

4.9月12日,Starbucks 在 Polygon 上推出 Starbucks Odyssey

5.举办新加坡线下Polygon Buidlers Jam

6.参加新加坡Token2049 & Web3 Connect Event

7.Polygon 中国区负责人Cora参与9月27日ABGA 峰会活动并致辞

8.9月27日,Robinhood 在 Polygon 上推出 Web3 钱包测试版


10.9月29日,Push Protocol在 Polygon 上集成

11.9月26日,Polygon Bootcamp Africa申请通道开启