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Global Game and GameFi Regional Market Report (North America)

December 2022


The United States is one of the largest game markets in the world. According to Alltopeverything’s statistics, among the top 10 most-profitable game companies in the world in 2021, five are from the United States. In addition, according to the latest statistics from Newzoo, the size of the US game market in 2022 will rank second in the world (approximately US$47.6 billion), while Chinese game market will maintain the top place (US$50.2 billion). The U.S. console game and console game markets have been greatly affected by the supply chain during the Covid-19 period, prompting a significant decline in overall game sales in 2021. Although the US game market is smaller than the Chinese game market in terms of population size and game market size, the US game market has shown a strong growth momentum. At the same time, the encouraging attitude and policies for emerging fields have also made the US blockchain game market gradually active. This article will briefly introduce the traditional game market in the United States and the blockchain game market.

1. Traditional Game Market Overview

(1)Market Size:One of the Leading Players in Traditional Game Industry(2nd place in the world); Relatively Small Population with Large Market Size and Great Growth Rate.

According to Newzoo’s 2021 statistical report on global players, the total number of global players is about 3 billion, and the number of American gamers is about 212 million, accounting for only 7% of global players. However, in terms of market size, the US game market accounts for 24% of the game market share

In 2022, Newzoo predicts that the number of global players will climb to about 3.198 billion, while the distribution of global players will remain almost unchanged. The number of American players will climb to 219 million, still accounting for 7% of global players. In terms of market size, the U.S. game market will usher in a year-on-year growth of 20.42%, which is expected to account for 26% of the global game market, an increase of 8.33% from 2021 (from 24% to 26%). We observe that US game market is relatively unique market structure where PC games, console games, and mobile games have evenly divided the market share. Therefore, we speculate that the US game market is in a process of recover due to the impact of the epidemic clams down, the future sales of console games and console games are expecting to rise.

It is worth noting that: Newzoo’s statistics on the size of the game market only involve in-game consumer spending, excluding consoles, peripherals, hardware, advertisement and other revenues. Since the US game market structure is different from other market structures, more than 1/3 of the consumption is contributed by consoles (peripherals) and related games, so this statistic underestimates the relative share of the US game market in the world to a certain extent.

It is worth mentioning that among the top 10 global game company profit rankings in 2022 according to public statistics, there are 5 game manufacturers from the United States, ranking 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 respectively.

Note: This statistic includes hosts, peripherals, and advertising revenue.

(2)Market Structure:Differentiate Market Structure: PC and Console Game Market Contributes Substantially.

According to Newzoo statistics, mobile games will account for 51% of the global game market in 2022 (mainly contributed by the Asia-Pacific market), while console game market share will only be 27% (mainly contributed by the North American market).

From the perspective of the global console game market, the number of console game users in Europe accounted for 49.1%, user population in North American market accounted for 38.2%, while the user population in Japan and China accounted for less than 10% of the total global users, 6.6% and 2.0% respectively. Although the number of console game users in Europe ranks first, its console game market size is second with a market share of 33.1%. On the contrary, North America market contributed 45.4% of global console game market share. The third market for console games is Japan, with a market share of 10.7%; China captured less than 1% of global console game market share.

The game market in the United States has its unique composition, where console game is one of the core contributors to the sales revenue. Back in 2017, console gaming and software sales accounted for 45%, mobile game software sales accounted for 32%, and computer game software sales accounted for 23%. With the rise of mobile games in recent years, the composition of the US game market has gradually undergone certain changes, and it is expected to form a tripartite situation in the future.

By the end of 2020, 75% of American households own home game consoles, and 73% of gamers own their own game consoles. Basic game consoles equipment has a very high penetration rate among American players, that’s also the reason why console/device games retained the backbone of the US gaming market.

(3)Overview of U.S Gamers:Gaming has become a culture in U.S with high penetration rate.

1> Penetration Rate of Games in U.S Population

Among the 214 million players in the United States, adult players account for about 76%, and the distribution of gender of players is relatively even. In the United States, games can be regarded as an activity that suitable for almost all age groups, and the penetration rate of American games is as high as 70%.

The market survey shows that: games occupy more leisure time among young population(10–35 years old) than other electronic entertainment methods; for Americans aged 36–50, the time spent on games is equivalent to the time spent watching TV programs; even For Americans aged 51–65, they still spend 12% of their time on games when choosing entertainment methods. It can be seen that games have a huge market and high adaptability in the United States. In this culture, the vast majority of players artificially gain positive emotional feedback from the game.

2> Player Preferences

Compared with global gamers, American gamers value games with fun settings and ability to decrypt. PC/Console gamers prefer sports games, RPG games and MOBA PVP games.

American players’ preference on Mobile Games

The preferences of American players in the types of mobile games are related to platforms. Sensor Tower accumulated statistics on the comparison of game data between IOS and Google Play in 2022 and 2021. The statistics mainly cover downloads and game revenue. According to statistics, IOS players prefer sports (downloads increased by 14.3% year-on-year), shooting (downloads increased by 13% year-on-year), strategy games (downloads increased by 10% year-on-year), but arcade games (downloads decreased by 5.3% year-on-year), board and card games (downloads decreased by 10.6% year-on-year) and strategy games (10% year-on-year growth). Although the downloads of arcade games, board and card games decreased significantly year-on-year, the reasons for the year-on-year increase in revenue possibly due to “head effect”.

When we observe the gaming data on Google Play, we found that the download volume and revenue of games on Google Play in 2022 drop sharply, and only action games seem to maintain an increase in download volume. In terms of game revenue, only arcade games achieved a slight year-on-year growth (0.4%), and the revenue of other types of games decreased significantly compared with 2021.

3. The Future of U.S Game Market

From 2014 to 2020, the revenue of the American game field continued to grow, but the growth rate gradually slowed down. At the same time, when the game field was stagnant, U.S game manufacturers and individual game studios began to seek opportunities in a new field — blockchain based games.

The graph below shows the top five profitable game manufacturer in the United States with their views and actions in the blockchain game field. We can conclude that the game giants in the United States are keeping an eye on blockchain gaming development. Microsoft and Take-Two Interactive choose to invest in blockchain games ecosystem; while Epic Games chooses to publish games with partners in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. EA chooses to keep waiting. At the same time, Activision Blizzard has a more ambivalent attitude towards the NFT and blockchain gaming industry.

4. U.S GameFi Ecosystem

<1> GamFi Infrastructure


Forte is a blockchain game platform that supports multi-chain interoperability and aims to build a complete set of technologies, tools and services for developers, communities and players, covering market making, compliance, tool development, player services, and game development and economic model design to eliminate any obstacles to the combination of blockchain technology and games. With Forte’s complete solution, developers don’t need to be experts in economics, blockchain technology, and compliance. Instead, game developers can focus on content and quality of their games. Forte already has more than 200 employees and 40+ game development partners, and more than 15 million gamers. The team come from Unity, ngmoco, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Rockstar Games. By the end of 2020, more than 20 game projects have been integrated into Forte, covering various game types such as competitive, role-playing, simulation, strategy, and sports.

Forte has raised more than $900 million through two rounds of funding in 2021. In addition to giants in the crypto world such as a16z, Solana Ventures, Polygon Studios, Cosmos, Animoca Brands, etc. Investors from traditional game/media publishers including Sea Capital, Big Bets, Overwolf, Playstudios, zVentures and Warner Music Group.

(2)Roco Finance:

Token Information:$Roco

Circulating Market Cap:$1.61M


Token Holders:10,735

Roco is a decentralized GameFi platform on Avalanche that aims to provide blockchain related services to game developers, content creators, and player communities. For game developers, Roco provides open-source SDKs, APIs, game add-ons, etc. For players, Roco provides NFT trading market. Roco , staking and Farming pools and enables users to participate ID0/IG0 events.

In September 2021, Roco Finance completed a financing of $3.6 million fund-raising through seed rounds and private equity rounds. Investors include Alameda Research, Huobi Capital, Avalaunch, X21 Digital, etc.

<2> GameFi Platforms & Distributors

(1) Gala Games

Official Website:

Token Information:$Gala

Circulating Market Cap:$185,781,609


Token Holders:188.9K

As a blockchain games platform, Gala Games integrates various games and provides unified ecological services to empower games. Its ecological services include: a unified account login system, a built-in NFT trading market, and a decentralized service operation mechanism (users can purchase nodes to contribute to the game server and receive rewards). Gala Games currently has more than 16,000 user nodes in operation.

At present, Gala Games is cooperating and jointly launching 14 games, most of which are still under development, and the game that has been launched so far is Town Star.

(2) Joyride

Joyride is a game manufacturer that has released free casual games on Facebook and the App Store and ranked among the top ten downloads. It has accumulated more than 300 million players worldwide. For the development of Web3 games, Joyride chose to be a collection platform for casual games, and has received investment from Coinbase, Bitkraft, Animoca Brands, and OKX Blockchain Ventures. At present, there are 5 casual games have been launched, and the rest of the games are still under development.

❤> GameFi Studios

Yuga Labs:

Yuga Labs was established in 2021, famous for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (bored ape) series. With the great success of its Bored Ape Yacht Club series, it has attracted capital attention. So far, Yuga Labs raised 450 million US dollars funds, with a valuation of 4 billion USD. Investors include a16z, Animoca Brands, FTX, etc. Yuga Labs launched the $Ape token in March 2022, and it started building its own metaverse game Otherside at the same time.

LifeForce Games:

LifeForce Games is a blockchain game studio established in December 2021, completed a $5 million in the seed in March 22, 2022, led by CMT Digital Ventures. The game product has not been launched yet, and the beta version of Sidra will be launched in Q4 of 2022. Sidra is an open- source home creation game.

Official Website:

NarSun Studios: NarSun Studios is a NFT-based game studio located in San Francisco. It is committed to combining traditional games with NFT and smart contract blockchain technologies. It is currently developing arcade games, which have not yet been launched. Official Website:

Metaverse Game Studios: Metaverse Game Studio was established in Miami in 2020. In March 2022, Metaverse Game Studio completed the fundraising of 10 million US dollars, led by Anicent8 and the remaining 10 institutions. Metaverse GameStudio is currently preparing to launch the blockchain version of its Web2 game Angelic. The NFT minting process has been started. Angelic: A dark sci-fi style turn-based RPG game, which has been launched on Steam. The new blockchain game is invested by Animoca Brand, Pantera, Everyrealm, etc. Official Website:

Laguna Games: Laguna Games is a blockchain game studio established in San Francisco in 2019. It has completed a $5 million seed round of fundraising in October 2021, led by Bitkraft Ventures, Delphi Digital, Infinity Ventures Crypto and other institutions. Currently Laguna Games has published the first game Cyrpto Unicorns, which is a RTS card game. Official Website:

Ember Entertainment: Ember Entertainment is an arcade game developer established in Seattle in 2011. In 2021, Ember Entertainment partnered with Gala Games to jointly launched the survival MMORPG game The Walking Dead: Empires, which is still in the development stage. Official Website:

Kong Fu Factory: Kong Fu Factory is a game developer established in Los Angeles in 2002. Recently Kong Fu Factory cooperated with Gala Games to launch the card strategy game Legends Reborn, which is still in the development stage. Official Website:

Round 2 Games: Round 2 Games is a game developer that published action games on Steam. It partnered with Gala Games to launch the strategy based tower-defense game Fortitude, which is still in development Official Website:

Drifter Entertainment: Drifter Entertainment is a action game developer founded in Seattle. Drifter Entertainment launched action games Gun Heart, Lies Beneath, Robo Recall, Rise of the Gunters on Steam and currently partnered with Gala Games to launch the third-person shooter game Superior, which is currently in early testing phase. Official Webstie:

Workinman Interactive: Workingman Interactive is a game developer established in New York State, cooperated with Disney, Pepsi and other Web2 famous IPs and published games. Most of the games are casual action games. In Q1 2022, Workingman Interactive release the adventure-themed mining blockchain game Mines of Dalarnia.

Official Website:

<4> GameFi Projects

The Sandbox:

Token Information:$Sand

Circulating Market Cap:$866.3M


Token Holders:263.8K

Official Website:

Total NFT Trading Volume:157,233ETH

Floor Price of Land NFT:1.11ETH

Independent NFT Holders:17%

The SandBox is a decentralized virtual world built on Ethereum, where creators can create 3D pixelated assets and import them into the game in the form of NFTs. The Land in the game is a plot that players can purchase with $Sand token. Players could also create and edit the plot. Players can trade and lease their land assets to obtain income.

As one of the first-mover projects in the decentralized virtual world, the SandBox has received tremendous attention from capitals. Its investors include Animoca Brands, Polygon Studios, and traditional capital such as Soft Bank, HSBC. In terms of cooperation, well-known brands Adidas, Playboy and social celebrities Snoop Dogg purchased lands and cooperated with The Sandbox.

As an open virtual world, the ability to create content, as well as the commercial value of the metaverse world, have become the reasons why The Sandbox deserves attention.


Token Information:$Mana

Circulating Market Cap:$687.2M


Token Holders:330.6K

Official Websites:

Total Trading Volume of NFT:102,967 ETH

Floor Price of NFT:3,999 Mana

Independent NFT Holders:8%

Decentraland is another metaverse project that builds a decentralized virtual world, Decentraland gives users the experience of browsing, exploring, creating, owning, and interacting with others in the virtual world. In Decentraland, land is the value carrier of all creation and innovation. An obvious feature in Decentraland is that the land plots are closely connected. New land plots must connect with existing plots, which makes it easier for content creators to create business. On the other hand, it is also convenient for users to explore the whole virtual world. $Mana is the governance token and currency in Decentraland which can be used for almost all transactions, such as land payment, user character equipment, weapons, NFT collectibles and entertainment activities. Users can collect items from museum exhibits, music digital collections in the marketplace. Similarly, the commercial value of lands in Decentraland is high, so it is favored by capital and celebrities. In addition, great number of businesses and project parties hold activities in Decentraland’s land plots for users to participate.


Official Website:

Upland is a metaverse real estate related game deployed on the Eos chain. Upland uses a replica of the real US map to allow players to buy, build, create and develop their land in a virtual world. In terms of picture quality, Upland pays more attention to restoring the real scene and providing users with a more comfortable and relaxed interactive experience. Upland currently has 24.2k active users.


Token Information:$SPS

Circulating Market Cap:$26.3M


Official Website:

Splinterlands is a collectible card strategy game. Players can build their own card decks. Each card is an independent NFT with its own attributes, rarity, abilities and other characteristics. In Game, players with a deck of 6 cards could participate in a 3-minute game. They could obtain rankings and follow-up rewards through defeating other players. The active users of SplinterLands have been maintained at around 200,000 for a long time thanks to its flexible card combinations and playable game mechanics.


Official Website:

OtherSide is a metaverse space and game project developed by Yuga Labs and Animoca Brands. The public price of the real estate “Otherdeed” in the game is 305 $Ape, and those who own metaverse land plots will have a chance to get an airdrop of the cosmic creature “Koda”. The total number of Koda is 10,000. As a high-profile metaverse project, players are very enthusiastic about its land auction. The game will be launched in Q1-Q2 in 2023.

Town Star:

Token Information:$Town

Circulating Market Cap:$5.2M


Token Holders:16.1K

Official Website:

Town Star is the first game launched by Gala Games. It is a farmer game enables players to plant, collect, build and trade thus forming a dynamic economic system. Town Star launched its own token $Town as a currency for rare NFT transactions, ranking rewards and rewards airdrop for Gala Games node operators.


Official Website:

Angelic is a RPG action game with dark sci-fi style produced by Metaverse Studio. The Web2 version of this game has been launched on Steam, and the blockchain game version is still in development.


Official Website:

Grit is a third-person shooteing game created by Epic Games and will launch on Gala Games. Grit focused more on image quality design and game experience. The game has been launched on Steam, and the blockchain version is still in development.


Official Website:

Mirandus is an adventure RPG game produced by Gala Games, players can defeat wild monsters and explore resources in different environments. The game is still in development.

Last Expedition:

Official Website:

Last Expedition is a first-person shooting games produced by Gala Games. Currently, the game is in development.

Spider Tanks:

Official Website:

Spider Tanks is a tank fighting game produced by Gamedia and launched on Gala Games. Players can engage in PVP battles in various maps, and the last surviving player wins. The various parts and unique skills of the tank give players a diverse and enjoyable gaming experience. The game is currently alive and available for players to experience for free.


Official Website:

Superior is a third-person shooting game produced by Drifter and will launch on Gala Games. Players can choose different characters to participate in the battle, and each character has its own unique attributes and skills. Currently, the game is still in development.

The Walking Dead: Empires:

Official Website:

The Walking Dead: Empires is a survival game developed by Ember Entertainment and will be released on Gala Games. The player’s task is to survive in a zombie-infested world by collecting resources and making allies. The game is still in development.

Champions Arena:

Official Website:

Champions Arena is a turn-based card game developed by One Universe and launched on the Gala Games. Players can collect different cards in the game, and fight with other players to get rewards.


Official Website:

Fortitude is a tower defense SLG game developed by Round 2 Games and launched on the Gala Games platform. Players can train their own troops to defend the base, and attack other player’s base.

Town Crush:

Official Website:

Town Crush is a casual match-3 games created by Gala Games.

Eternal Paradox:

Official Website:

Eternal Paradox is a turn-based role-playing game produced by Ndream. Players can collect different characters to build their expedition teams, and get rewards in PVE explorations and PVP battles. It will be launched on the Gala Games platform and is still in the development stage.

Battlestar Galactica:

Official Website:

Battlestar Galactica is a spaceship-themed strategy game created by Revolving Games. The game will launch on Gala Games and is still in development.

Echos of Empire:

Official Website:

Echos of Empire is a sci-fi themed strategy game created by Ion Games, players will recruit different heroes in the future world to build up their own planet. The game is currently under development and will be launched on Gala Games.

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance:

Official Website:

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance is a card battle game created by Kong Fu Factory, players can collect different cards, level up, combine decks, match PVP battles and get rewards. The game is currently under development and will be launched on Gala Games.


Official Website:

Legacy is a simulated city management game developed by game developer 22cans, players can purchase their own land, create their own products, manage their own towns, and earn income through operations and sales. The game is still under development and will be launched on Gala Games.

Crypto Unicorn:

Token Information:$RBW

Circulating Market Cap:$5.9M


Official Website:

Crypto Unicorn is a blockchain based pet collection and cultivation game produced by Laguna Games. Players need to obtain Unicorn NFT and Land NFT to participate the game. In Crypto Unicorn, players can produce materials for cultivating unicorn pets from Land NFT, and unicorns can participate in Jousting (competition competition), Racing (racing competition) and Team RPG Battle, and carry out more activities with development. Unicorns can also reproduce next generation of unicorns. From the beginning of 2022 to May, the cumulative trading volume of Unicorn and Land NFTs exceeded $37M. With the decline in popularity, the current number of active players is about 750.

Mines of Dalarina:

Token Information:$DAR

Circulating Market Cap:$26.7M


Mines of Dalarina is an action-adventure game developed by Workinman Interactive. Players can collect in-game items (such as minerals, rare relics, etc.) to improve their equipment and skills while exploring different levels of maps. At the same time, in the process of mining resources, players need to defeat the monsters encountered in different environments.

There are three types of NFT assets in the game, land (can be rented out for mining), in-game resources (tradable for players and used for equipment upgrades), and equipment (provide players with attribute blessings to break through more difficult levels of maps). $Dar is the currency for players to trade assets in the market. Players could also stake $Dar token to generate return.

Trickshot Blitz:

Official Website:

Trickshot Blitz is a snooker game produced by Joyride Studio, players can play PVP matching mode, complete daily tasks to get rewards. As a casual-competition game, the retention rate is relatively high and its active players is around 6,000.

Tennis Champs:

Official Website:

Tennis Champs is a blockchain based tennis competitive game produced by Joyride Studio, players can get rewards through PVP matching mode, tournaments, and completing daily tasks. Simple and easy to join are the attractive features of this game.

Solitaire Blitz:

Official Website:

Solitaire Blitz is a casual poker game produced by Joyride. Players can quickly match into game and win through their poker skills. At present, the rewards are distributed in the form of fiat currency.


Official Website:

Blockstars is a music-themed game built on Solana, players can create their own music and make it popular in the game world through management.

Crypto Raiders:

Official Website:

Crypto Raiders is a pixel-style dungeon exploration game deployed on Polygon. Players can explore different levels and collect resource to upgrade their equipment. Players need to purchase character NFTs to start the game. The current NFT floor price is 0.004ETH.

<5> GameFi Information hub& Media

Blockchain Game Alliance

Blockchain Game Alliance is an international GameFi association committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. Members of Blockchain Game Alliance could share information of GameFi projects. There were nearly 100 sponsors including Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, Near, Fantom, Polkadot, and many GameFi teams.

5.Conclusion & Future

1. U.S Game Market is ranked the second place globally with an estimated revenue of $48.4 billion in 2022, which accounted for 26% in the global game market. There is an expected rise (8.33%) in the relatively global market share due to the recover effect of supply chain. The gaming population in the U.S only accounted for 7% in the world. The reason of success of U.S game market are high ARPPU(second place in the world) and successful game products.

2. The structure of U.S game market is unique compared to global game market structure. PC/Console games, equipment, hardware/software accounted for 48% of global market share.

3. Gaming has become a crucial entertaining activity in American people’s daily life. Games have a 70% penetration rate in the U.S population. 73% of American game players own gaming consoles. American players prefer puzzle-solving mechanics, action and sports games. For mobile games, IOS games have higher retain rate than games from GooglePlay.

4. Blockchain games become one of the breakthroughs to solve the declining growth rate of game market. Top 5 profitable game manufacturers in the U.S have different views and actions in the blockchain field. 3 of them are stepping in the blockchain gaming field: MicroSoft, Take-Two Interactive invested in GameFi studios, while Epic Games decided to develop its own GameFi project.

5. After the success of The SandBox and Decentraland, there are over 33% of games in our statistics are open-source land theme. Another 30% of games in the U.S GameFi ecosystems are action/shooting MOBA games. Card Strategy games accounted for 20% in our statistics.

6. Another feature of the U.S GameFi ecosystem is that the game platform and aggregator projects are relatively mature. Taking Gala Games and Joyride as examples, Gala Games actively cooperates with Web2 and Web3 game studios to make their platforms cover various types of games; Joyride covers all kinds of casual games.

7. In the past two years, American blockchain game studios have sprung up, and the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs is relatively high. While many games are still in the development stage, so blockchain games industry in the U.S is still in the early stages with great potential.

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