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March Monthly GameFi Report

Description: As we roll out of winter, GameFi Spring is off to a slow start.

March was a relatively sleepy month for the GameFi industry, with no huge announcements, breakthrough titles or death spirals.

Splinterlands and Hive — classic names in the timeline of GameFi — are starting to face a decline in users, while Alien Worlds continues to lead. Illuvium, the first in the new batch of AAA blockchain games, is on top for active players on Ethereum.

For the first time in 5 months, GameFi user metrics are up MoM. Overall numbers saw only a slight increase, but new users jumped 66% from February.

While funding was down in March, one piece of news is sure to excite old-school online MMORPG fans: CCP Games raised $40M to develop a blockchain game in the Eve universe.

Key Findings

Overall Crypto Overview

● ETH dropped to 1,429 on March 11, then jumped to its highest this year at the end of the month

● Most Altcoins declined compared to earlier months — not BNB

GameFi Users

● New user percentage had its second highest month ever

● Unique GameFi users increased 11.8% MoM

● New GameFi users increased 66% MoM

GameFi Projects Overview

● Alien Worlds had the highest number of users, followed by Splinterlands and Farmers World

● On ETH, Illiuvium had the highest number of active users out of all games, followed by Gala Games titles and Axie Infinity

● After declining in February, the number of Polygon GameFi users slowly climbed back to overtake Hive in March

GameFi Investment & Funding

● March was the 2nd worst month for GameFi funding in 2 years, with just 5 rounds closed

● CCP Games received the biggest investment, closing a $40M Seed round

Crypto Macro Overview

ETH dropped to 1,429 on March 11, then rebounded

Price of ETH January

The cryptocurrency has demonstrated a robust performance, with a 7-month high jump indicating a positive trend. While there is some correlation between the price action and the S&P’s weak start of the month followed by a strong rebound, it is not as closely linked as during the bull market.

March was BNB’s strongest month yet in 2023

Altcoin Prices

The pump was likely driven by Uniswap, the largest DEX, officially deploying on the BNB Chain on March 16. Analysts predict this will considerably increase on-chain activity.

GameFi Market Overview

GameFi user metrics had their most positive MoM performance in 5 months

Monthly GameFi Users

New user percentage was at its second highest ever — which by itself is not necessarily a positive or negative indicator. However, unique GameFi users increased 11.8% MoM, and new GameFi users increased 66% MoM.

GameFi Projects Overview

Alien Worlds remained the largest title by users

Top 10 Games Ranking by Users

Alien World stayed at the top. While Splinterlands followed, its users declined significantly MoM (January: 6.5M, February: 4M, March: 3.3M). Splinterlands was followed by Farmers World and PlanetIX.

Illiuvium was the most popular GameFi title on ETH

Game Ranking on Eth Chain

Illuvium had the highest number of active users out of all games on Ethereum with 4,982 active players in March, followed by the Gala Games ecosystem of projects and Axie Infinity.

Polygon GameFi users slowly climbed while Hive declines

Hive, known as the chain for Splinterlands, has long been the 2nd largest GameFi chain. However, judging by the last several months, it looks like the space-themed strategy title and chain are in dire straights to retain their users.

GameFi Chains Active Users

GameFi Investment & Funding Overview

The GameFi sector closed 5 rounds in March

GameFi Projects Funding

March was the 2nd worst month for GameFi funding in 2 years. However, it is important to note the very positive previous month, when 15 rounds were closed.

CCP Games gets $40M to get EVE on-chain

GameFi Funding

CCP Games received the biggest investment, closing a $40M Seed round. The longstanding Icelandic development studio is best-known for its MMORPG, EVE Online. Now, it’s set to use the $40M for a AAA blockchain title set in the Eve universe.

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